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Danny burger Strategist at Toronto dominion bank And what happens if we get more geopolitical tension and treasuries become the acid of choice to seek a haven in Today tricky scenario especially after markets or position for very aggressive hikes I think if you do reach that situation we would see our markets actually reducing their prices of particularly a 50 basis point cycle and actually gradually down to 25 basis points Hike But I think I doubt that central banks want to let go that situation at March just given the fact that they have an expectation and they basically have created all this sense that they are going to act aggressively So I would expect markets definitely reducing the number of fights that are being priced for 2022 which is aggressive And in terms of the support I would expect more curves to just because I think we would need to see more push back from central banks so that markets can trust them that they don't start price so that they can reduce high prices We have not seen that yet Right now markets don't trust central banks And that's why I feel ten year part of the curve 30 are part of the most support and that's why you put people further flapping of the curve Here more conversations like this one on Bloomberg television streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings Earnings season continues The metaverse to Spotify to Qualcomm a meal They're sinking big time You can't do better Bloomberg breaks the numbers first Let's go is giving us downs outlook that beats estimates It's peloton Disney and Uber spies are also out with earnings And expert analysis you won't get anywhere else This is fascinating What is going wrong for meta that is going right for Twitter How much runway is left peloton really becoming a proxy for this pandemic I think there's tremendous opportunity Bloomberg television and radio the fastest numbers and analysis you trust If we impose some very heavy sanctions as I believe we're planning to do on the Russians with regards to international banking but most importantly with regards to north stream two and their ability to distribute fuel There's going to be some consequences.

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