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Marched night after night through the summer following the death of George Floyd response and with black unity. Portland talked with the Oregonian won our first choice, but he is a good choice and good candidate. I think he's going to do well in office. Federal officers declared an unlawful assembly outside the ice facility where the building was vandalized and tear gas was used to push back the crowd. There was a peaceful gathering at Irving part led by a group concerned about climate change, rapid, far reaching an unprecedented change in every aspect of our society. No police made eight arrests on various charges, including criminal mischief and riot. Carleen Johnson come on news news time. 509 more Seattle police officers now admit they were in Washington D. C on the same day as the riot of the U. S. Capitol comas Matt Markovich spoke with police Chief Adrian de Aza about an investigation has been launched by the Office of Police Accountability. She's Dia's saying if open a finds any evidence any officers were directly involved in the insurgents. They will be fired. Where is your lying? Is it literally the property of the capital If they walk onto the Capitol grounds? That's a violation. I think if they engage in property damage if they were cross the barricade that they were directed not to cross by law enforcement officer if they entered the Capitol building. I think all those would be violations. Some of the lost some of our policies. Now the first two officers who were identified by co workers at being as being in D. C. Have been put on leave with pay. As for the latest three who self reported that they were in D, C. We do not know the status of them right now Reported in Seattle, not Markovich. Coma News State patrol spent $1.5 million on security of the state capital over the last two weeks in the price tag is expected to go up. I figure does not include the cost of temporary fencing put up outside the Capitol or the cost of activating the National Guard. It came after a large group trespassed on the governor's mansion property two weeks ago. Security will remain on high alert in Olympia for the near future. Camo news time 5 10 Get to the Beacon Plumbing sports desk, And here's Tom Hustler Marcus Savona scored a career high 27 off the bench. Eric Stevenson had 17 before he found out in Washington's men picked up the first conference victory of the season last night, beating Colorado. 84 80 stabbing an eight game losing streak. Coach Mike Hopkins felt like his Players deserve this to see our team come out there and really persevere and be resilient and stay poised. And come out against a really good Colorado team. I'm just really proud of him. The Huskies hose to Utah's Sunday the youth will be important to face the kooks tonight. Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott will step down at the end of June, ending his 11 year 10 year. And when she was coming here, a lot of scrutiny and a lot of fire. The conference landed a transformational billion dollar television deal, but try toe struggle to keep up with a lot of the power five conferences when it came to revenue and exposure. The search for Seahawks offensive quarter you Well, you can cross the name of Ferndale native and former Philadelphia Eagle head coach Doug Peterson off, he says he's leaning toward taking a year off. However, the team is reportedly interested in Speaking with Raiders running backs coach Kirby Wilson, and a day after spring training George Springer signed with Toronto, Houston hung onto another free agent signing outfielder Michael Brantley. A two year $32 million contract sports at 10 40 past each hour Tom Butler colonies and come on news time now, 5 11. More directives are expected from the Oval Office office today is President Biden puts in his first full day on the job. Yesterday he took steps to fight covert 19 bite and taking steps to tackle this pandemic, including establishing a covert testing board developing guidelines to safely Reopen schools and taking steps to try to overcome the disproportionate impact of this pandemic On people of color. The new president wasted no time getting to work yesterday, signing in order to mandate masks on all federal lands and taking stuff to undo some of President Trump's most controversial moves by rejoining the Paris climate accord and undoing that so called Muslim travel ban. Now the new president can do a lot on his own, but that Big plan of his that big ticket item that nearly $2 trillion stimulus bill to provide some relief that is going to take congressional action and will test his promise to United divided Washington. And he is telling his White House staff and appointees and I quote, point blank. If you're ever working with me, and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect to talk down to anyone, I promise you, I will fire you on the spot, adding that that kind of decency has been lacking over the last four years in the White House. He also reminded his staff quote You work for the people. I work for the people. ABC is Mary Bruce. Maybe she's with Johnson has more on the actions. The president took on one of the deadliest days of the pandemic. Nearly 4400 lives lost.

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