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Biased calculated script from director Adam occa- bail along with Steve Carell, deep dive into Donald Rumsfeld showcased just how ugly the polish. Ix that rule over America are so to recap all of us number four outstanding. Right. So this over that's the consensus is the fourth best movie the year. No matter what is proven market number three Spiderman into the spider verse I knew it was going to be high initially. I had rough to is my best animated film of the year. Then I caught the eye max of Spiderman into the spider verse, which not only is the best animated film of the year. But it should be the marvel film campaigning for best picture over Black Panther, a truly amazing interpretation of the tiring superhero. Sub-genre the film from Bob per I'm gonna birth butcher. This name persons Shetty, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman and written by Rothman and LEGO movies, Phil Lord, transcends? The art form of animation by faithfully adapting the medium within the film, and a story that will emotionally toe to toe with most dramas, I need love it. I like the fact that you trip over that name because normally when there's a multi cloud. Yeah. That's a sign. Was not because six renters three directors y'all got. But in this case actually worked by just all different input on we're able to make some them challenging. Yeah. And that's the thing you have three directors and two writers one of the writers, which was one of the directors especially with animation. You kinda have to have multiple people overseeing the project because of how much especially with Spiderman because of how how much different each character's artwork was. So you couldn't just, you know, make Pixar and everything's going to be the same. You had different art forms for spider girl, you had a different art form for nor Spiderman for spider ham. Everyone looked and moved differently within this universe, and especially miles Morales universe with with the alternate universe. Peter parker. They looked a little different. And I I love the fact that they did a lot of. Camera tricks without using special effects? They used it in the artwork like using the field and painting and doing the character design within that I'm a much bigger fan of that over like trying to force like the layered style of animation that was developed back in the cel shading whatnot. Yeah, about what are we got fantastic. Anyway, number two, black klansman. How Spike Lee scorch is with this insanely true story about Ron stallworth? The black detective that infiltrated the KKK in the nineteen seventies filled with all the swagger and stuff substance of blaxploitation films, while entrenching us in one of the most tension driven films in the last twenty years while the ending may seem grandiose to some. I felt it was right in place with Spike Lee and his style. Yeah. I didn't think of this. You accident crazy about the ending of the Charlottesville stuff. So I'm likely that's his deal. And he's doing he's doing his thing. And you got to respect them for it. Good. Call them just to blaxploitation number one number. One a quiet place for the best film of the year in one of the best horror films. This generation what John Christine ski accomplishment, accomplishes in ninety minutes from a script, he penned with Brian woods, and Scott back is instantly. Classic the tremendous use of sound coupled with outstanding performances from the entire cast, especially his wife, Emily blunt prove that given the right direction and inspiration horror can be more than cheap scares in. Erie tensions waiting for the next bump, I'm astonished. You did not have Halloween in your top ten. What happens second viewing? It just fell down. It's not even in my honorable mentions. Whole I'm still going to buy it's coming out on Blu Ray soon. I'm still going to purchase it. I still respect it..

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