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The fall to now we don't hear too much about eugenie and her sister that's a one a sarah sarah the duchess of your former duchess of york's daughters correct all right so a frisk play andrew whose thought who right by he's the still the royal on it but we in a row and andrew it for you were mary that collapsed one of their daughters eugenie just getting married no that will not be as big wedding obviously as own miltiary and meghan but what's interesting is will be at the same place for getting married in windsor and i know i know you're coming to uh to the uk yes windsor castle in one of the places that you wanted to show is it's twenty five miles like belief south west of all london it's really the weekend home castle of the queen so there's a lot of family pry there's a lot more in for ballottee at windsor that all be said you're going to see you i don't see the type of what he saw with uh catherine and wills because obviously he's bertil's off to to the throne but you're going to see a big you you're gonna see a big wedding you're going to see a wedding vat will take place at st george's ah church which is i think george's chapel which is on this but which is on the grounds of windsor castle the only difference says where westminster abbey can hol 9000 people the church in wins at winter could only hold eight hundred but i think to being really smart is there leaking information about what's gonna happen that saturday in may they're saying that they were going to invite uh besides brian flynn and his wife were gonna get care would be the nominal or the third row well listen if you're not if you're not there is no american is going to be there you i hear the guy got an i still be were just sitting together i would hope so for the wedding i would hope so i would hope so because you'd be a figurative eight hundred people inside the church than you're going.

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