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Something that's not being mentioned really in if if the north korea north koreans go back on their on their word we can you know we retaliate like a with a force saddam me looked like a water drip right so i take it's like taking antibiotics infection you don't take it all back twice as bad what's not going to happen is any sort of largescale military invasion or the deposition of kim as dictator but what's going on is clearly a tit for tat and i tell you you cannot underestimate the collapse of the mountain whose name i totally forget that is brought kim to the bargaining table that he just doesn't have the ability i believe to go back on this that he was pushed by an act of god or an active poor maintenance of nuclear facility to denuclearize what we have seen though and as shocking as it is and again i do not want to trust this despotic tyrant but what we have seen is seven full months of no nuclear tests seven four months of no missile launches seven four months of nothing but an attempted outreach that started at the olympics and you'll remember the the same media that is upset with trump for putting a dictator on equal footing set lester holt to a potemkin village of a ski resort that kim set up just to hoodwink the american media into thinking that north korea was actually prosperous so basically lester holt appeared in a north korean propaganda video and this was the same media that was doing an offering kim jong un sister well at the same time chastising mike pence for refusing to meet with her or refusing to shake hands with the or even stand up for the north korean delegation so you have to remember where we're coming from here david in walla tosa you're up next david how're you doing looks like david dropped off that means there is a phone line open for you we will continue to talk about the north korean summit throughout the program also it is election day special elections in two districts one in the assembly one in the senate also bill clinton lamenting that people are taking issue the standards have changed with what you can do to a woman against her will bill clinton his very upset by this you're not gonna wanna miss that plus tickets this summer fest tickets to country thunder we've got to.

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