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Abc news talk. We have cindy mira with us but before we get to her. We have an announcement to make. We have a winner of the little mercedes right. Oh yeah sorry. i'm on behind. we are actually having. We're having zoom issues with getting cindy dealing with that so. I'm just now seeing this here. Deal with that you deal with that and all announce it okay. So so we have a winner brisa. Monique zakho. i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly at future. Nurse underscore brisa exclamation point. Congratulations to brisa. And congratulations congratulations on becoming a nurse. That's so awesome. And you can keep following my radio on instagram for more holistic information and through this whole december all kinds of giveaways. I'm having a lot of fun with this. So i'm just gonna continue to give away because that's what i do best when will end it but it's been a lot of fun and we do it every year and i think You let me know when you get cindy on the line and until you do. I'll continue to talk. You're gonna love cindy and let me. Just i'll read your bio i because i want you to know who you're going to be speaking with just a minute or listening to cindy is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist. She's an author and documentary maker. She is the founder of changing habits. Which is an educational health and nutrition business in two thousand sixteen. She created the documentary. What's with wheat exposing how modern agriculture practices of week growing has produced a product that makes people more susceptible to disease cindy self published. The book changing habits. It's an amazing book. I've got it right here with me as well as recently released book lab to table another fantastic book. You find her at her websites. What's with wheat. Dot com or changing habits. Usa dot com. She cell's amazing products. We're gonna talk about some of them today and let me know junior. When she's there. One of the things that i was reading in the last couple of days. And i kind put it to the side and put it there and and you know this is this is what i'm about to say is really crazy and i want you to really think about it because Americans are five percent of the world's population and yet they consume roughly seventy percent of the world's pharmaceutical drugs and in the usa is only one of two countries in the world that televises pharmaceutical ads and medications to medicate if you will poor lifestyle choices. That's crazy and i know that's one of the things that cindy is very passionate about when we get around the line. We'll talk about it but you got her. She's on all right. Good morning and i'm like going this a good. I love listening to you. I love that well. Did you hear what i said. I know you're very passionate about a lot of the same things. We are if not everything that we are. And that's one of the reasons. I love having you on the show. And as i said you know cindy is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist author and documentary maker. So let's talk about this ingredients fora healthy holiday and a happy life. I i want to ask you though. What time is it in australia to five in the morning. Oh twenty usual. Time of getting up i get up and i go to the beach Do breathing session and and have coffee with friends. So this is this is just my normal early start to the day. That's easy. I love it i love it i i. I can't get up that early. i've tried. I don't know maybe i need to try harder. I need to try harder. I love my sleep. Like i'm like i'm like a bear when i get into bed. I don't wanna get out Until my my body wakes up naturally but and so do you wake up naturally at that time. Have you train yourself to do that in the summer. Yep and win. The summer i do by the winter at six o'clock. Because i just get the sun so i even queensland's so the sun's just starting to get up now. Oh gotcha. well that'll do it. Yeah that's the circadian rhythm. Something you know a lot about. But can you tell our listeners about why you created your company changing habits. What's at the very root of it. What's the passion. While i wrote a book back in ninety ninety nine ninety eight it was and it was changing habits. Changing lives and i was having fun on the speaking circuit Just selling my book going to authors. You know making all of these things and then one day. My husband had a chiropractor. Said i wanted to chiropractic anymore. I've heard you know that your business might be able to get big. Let's work on it. So we we worked on it and about six months into it. He said What's the biggest issue. Everybody has i said on my soul chapter. They don't have to put the dolts and the together and he said why don't we make it to pay for. Why don't we make it easy. Could people and so we put those together and called changing habits seaweed so and it became a i think he's all four hundred five hundred grand packets to our audience in a matter of A couple of days and that's why we launched from that so we got doing products and then we did programs because we realize that people didn't have the education around food. They've been duped by marketing and advertising that breakfast cereals maija rain low fat pastas and link. Cuisine was the best thing for them And how the company was born. Yeah i i love it. I love a good entrepreneurial story and that's so cool you know again. Necessity is the mother of invention right. You wanted it you you you. You made it. You made it happen. And so everything on. The site uses the forest. Can we talk about that. What it is. And and if there's a way to tell if a company follows the standard you're talking about food companies one It's important that they're looking at regeneration. Not so much sustainability about regeneration number two. I want to know that they have looked at their ingredients. So when i read the ingredient list. I want to say They using synthetic biology or Have they Are they using real food. Have they gone and saw the foods that are the base and also say try to so important in this business. So i don't wanna ni- that i'm buying an ingredient that is from You know child live child slave light or something like that so these things always important. And i'm always looking at you. Know what These companies doing. And lastly what i love to say is that they giving back and they may not just giving back into a charity. They may have created their own charity or they could backing kind so in labor in the community or in speaking in like for me. One of the things i do is i think to the community and i do it for free If a company that's different but if the community may it's more often than not that. I'll go to a community anywhere in australia at the moment the world And and i'll speak for free so it depends on what they do and then you don't know what they're doing behind the scenes so without company trending have it. You know we have a re-genesis tom We treat our animals with kindness and that plants grow in the most enrich so and and we also tonight to to a An old fiji. And i know this sounds cliche but this is because of business coach. We he met somebody on a plane he was having struggled to make an alternate and gander and he went to uganda and so what was happening with which doctors and so we decided to be without business coach and davies. So these are the things that we look for in companies. But i can see. It's right away on the ingredient list. I can see if they think is over not think just by at the ingredients on that food packaging well and so many people they get misled the book that you wrote lab to table your most recent book. Stop being elaborate. Start making better choices for your table. And the holidays are perfect. Excuse to overeat right traditionally unhealthy foods. It's so important to not go too far though. Isn't it and just really try to create healthy holiday meals that that everyone will still love. But they're they're healthy. I actually you know now. I prefer like really healthy food. I don't like things that have a lot of sugar in them. And that heavy with i don't.

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