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Blaine Brooks newsradio twelve hundred W. away I triple digit readings expected through the weekend and even into early next week partly cloudy skies overnight seventy eight mix of clouds and sunshine Friday one oh two hi is one hundred to one oh for both Saturday and Sunday I'm here just can tune from the weather channel and San Antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred W. away I breaking news on the hour at the half and any time at W. O. A. I. dot com brought to you by comfort air engineering don't miss out on the biggest sale of the year at north park Chevrolet San Antonio's highest rated Chevrolet store get low posted prices on a mid size twenty nineteen equal knocks posted at twenty nine ninety nine for one seventy a month with zero down size twenty nineteen traverse posted at twenty six nine ninety nine or two ninety a month with zero down plus this month only get a one year washed up past two years matrix and no charge window ten with deals like this it's easy to see why more people are buying from north park Chevrolet then ever before we're staying open until ten PM every weekend in August to give you more time to find your next vehicle find new roads and experience Chevrolet north parkway ten minutes outside move for ten in Castroville or online at NBC Chevy dot com five three the dealer based on sales volume and customer satisfaction policing information see our ad in the San Antonio express news it is black card through August thirteenth the P. F. placard for just one dollar enjoyed massage access to any blood evidence in the country the ability to bring a guest in more this is all about unlimited fitness training super low monthly rates and the judgment free zones and right now you can sign up for all those benefits plus exclusive black card first for just one dollar this sale ends Tuesday August thirteenth miss this weekend is San Antonio sales tax holiday weekend hi rob Kauffman from new balance San Antonio here Friday through Sunday no sales tax on shoes clothing and back to school supplies price at less than one hundred dollars in addition and no sales tax we'll be adding a bonus for all new balance customers giving you an eight percent discount on all items over one hundred dollars new balance shoes new balance apparel Q. answers and accessories new balance Antonio saves you money and offers the ultimate in Sydney shoes and clothing with more than seventy five models to choose from our in store fit experts will match your feet with the new balance shoes that gives you first class comfort instability come see us at new balance and Antonio this weekend and take advantage of no sales.

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