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Broadcasting you'll be amazed at the number of women i'm not just talking about the women that are on the air i'm talking about two women that are producers i have i have a woman who produces this program for me and has been with me for for years donna banks and it's amazing how they take charge they know what they're doing in sometimes they'll tell you when they don't think you're doing the right thing and this is leadership so brad i'd like to say that this is the eight remarkable women in business awards however this is not about recognizing successful leaders who happen to be women it's it's there's a subtle difference these are remarkable smart leaders who happened to be women that's i it's it's subtle but it's you know these are people that have the talent that have the tenacity that have the vision professionalism and these eight women rem represent a cross section of industries so we do have an advertising and media executive a top and and that's sarah beth donovan from minson hoke we have a top corporate lobbyists margaret peg morton many people know her vice president of government affairs at eversource an intellectual property lawyer theater executive and you know we mentioned lynn rose zini vice president of the foundation at hartford hospital mardi javale executive vice president of human resources at the hartford christina paul george ceo of phoenix manufacturing and they are an aerospace component manufacturer and who am i forgetting here yo lon spears vice president of education and building amazing relationships globally for the bush nell center the performing arts and stacey ripka an intellectual property attorney partner with accident veltrop and hartridge broad section of industries all that require the nuances of the specialty in those areas.

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