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I kinda poked around. I found that in january twenty twenty an emirates. A three eighty actually made an emergency landing at bangor. Um that's a plane that departed from dubai but apparently passenger Somebody on board had a medical emergency and they had to get down for For those medical reasons so a three eighty actually landed landed there then. I also founded in two thousand nineteen. There was a united airlines plane flying from san francisco going to amsterdam and they had to make an emergency landing at bangor. They apparently had some kind of cabin pressure issue Yeah bangor is is going to be out for two days in early october to send a couple of weeks here. Presumably they make arrangements for you. Know other emergency landing. Destinations a rene. Did you ever have to make an emergency or an unplanned landing because of some issue One very early in my career happened. In the seven twenty-seven i had Most coming out of new york on my way to a west coast city and we took off in the runway. And i think it was Friendly four and the number one engine Disintegrated just caught on fire. So we come back around the pattern land but as far as an international flight crossing the pond. No haven't thankfully. But i'm interested. Max did Just by coincidence how many runways do they have it. Banker could question. i actually don't know. I'll remember one long one. I'll i'll let somebody look that up. But i was. That was one of the first towns. I ever lived in was bangor maine because my dad was a doctor in the air force and that was his first employment so my sister was born in bangor and That was the old dow air force base but The other big claim to fame for bangor is Stephen king the novelist lives in in bangers. You could just drive right down downtown past his house. And i was there for the first time since i was a toddler largest two years ago and it was fun to drive around town and see you see the sights and kind of see what mom and dad would have seen as they were driving around there. So why one thing was the the old Rotating beacon from the airforce base was pulled down. After the base was commissioned in that was in the little museum that i walked in i. It's kind of funny to think that you know mama. D- asked used to see that thing rotating around one would would back to the base housing there so it looks like one long runway at bangor. I'm curious so what. The faa has in store for us for that emergency in connection between either easter west or west to east if bangers going to be out for two days because you can't plan when the next emergency or you know the cabin pressure will let loose so yeah. That's interesting that it's going to be down for two days. Eleven thousand four hundred forty feet or maybe if we buy greenland we can just use that as the backup really. I thought we were beyond that. I know that was a long time ago already again. We're speaking with rene o'shaughnessy reneging thanks for coming on the show. We had kind of a long new segment there. So it's about time. We focused in on your activities. So this issue of pilot mental wellness mental health mental wellbeing. It's a somewhat touchy subjects. Sometimes because well i'll let you explain why why Why do we not talk about it enough. Very good. Question or comment Let's be honest pilot. Mental health is not a popular subject to talk about. And it's It it has a long history back from world war two and the perception is that pilots have the right stuff. But i think it's really interesting in and i talk about this in the book that you know. We used the word gut health. No one thinks twice about a we talk about skin health. No one thinks twice about it but the word mental health when the two were put together right away gives off this stigma and as far as the aviation is concerned No one wants to think no pilot wants to think that they don't have the right stuff so mental health Well let's just face it you know. There's two hundred sixty four million people that are suffering from depression in the united states and according to the world health organization half of those with depression around the world seek treatment Pilots are no different than the general population and for the past few years between nineteen. I'm sorry twenty. Sixteen in twenty twenty one pilot. Mental health is finally getting the attention that it deserves in a. We've had harvard study And we've had a steady come out of georgetown and all these studies point to mental health In the aviation community that no one's talking about and the reason no one's talking about it because quite frankly would scare the hell out of the public and number two. They really don't know what to do about it. Because we all know we have to take this physical every six months says as a captain and you go down through this questionnaire nephew. Check off any of the above anxiety stress. Depression asthma. That's your livelihood that you're seeing going down the drain. So what pilots do. They have this version from talking about mental health or physical health. So they either self medicate and they don't medicate at all or and they go underground so that's why people don't talk about mental health. I believe it's because it's stigma why we don't talk about it in the aviation community because it could mean our livelihood commercial pilot's experience a lot of stress right if you look at some of the rankings of you know what are the most stressful positions pilots are way up. There aren't they. Yes a matter of fact In surveys that. I talk about in the book. Pilots rank up to about number three between two and three of the highly stressed high performances. Crow careers that are out there and You know here. When i give my talks i i usually use a container pilots are great compartmentalized. But no one's talking about when the compartment overflows and we're no different than any other. You know human being you know. We have financial problems we have divorces. We have not kids. We have teenage kids. We have elderly parents. You know we have insomnia. We have alcohol use and abuse. You know let's just goes on and on and on The differences we can't talk freely about seeking treatments like other people can other professions. And that has that has to change. You know what to. i mean. We can't forget that. In general the world does not treat well at least in. The united states does not treat mental health with any kind of reverence. I mean You know the the guys no. I didn't mention when my wife says shrink and and the things that that she comes home with that people obviously outside of aviation have just as much trouble talking about their problems. Not not just in the therapy sets but when people are significantly depressed but also the fact that state governments all over the country for decades now have been have been cutting funding for public mental health issues. And we see these people that are you know. We questioned boy. That guy's really strange. That woman is very odd across the street to walking in front of the cars. And what is she doing out her because they have no place to go and it happens all too often or that. They can't get their medications because they kind of fall through the cracks. And it's a shame but of course wurley talking about pilots right now but i mean think about that max. I mean we're someplace having lunch or something with a bunch of pilots. The last thing anybody would wanna hear is hey. When was the last time you saw shrink. I i can say well you know this morning. You're married to. But i probably only one. That has a good excuse because people might not say anything but they think oh my god. What is this problem. maybe we just switched to. How's the weather or a because people also don't recipients of this kind of information don't know what to do with it because we put these people in a corner in practically every walk of life. So i again i i applaud you for for starting this whole thing because You touched on something that i've written about before that it's bad enough when you suffer from any of these mental illnesses. Don't you guys look at me. don't be eyeball on me. I see you looking at me. Because i'm not paranoid i'm not no but You bring up a really good point. Rob you know we see the homeless and you know not to get political but back in the reagan administration. They cut all funding to mental hospitals. And where these people going to go but specifically swinging back to aviation you know even before vid anxiety. Depression were estimated to cost the global economy over one trillion dollars every year in lost productivity and with global awareness market folk Forecasting to reach sixty six billion by two thousand twenty two. It's clear that organizations in airlines may be spending money on reactive programs rather than preventive education..

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