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But like the teeny baby bucket. O or what about win Jack dracula drives off on the moped. Said i dragged my favorite little horn. Meet me he also lives in like a call just sack but then is it. His basement than is just this entire like dungeon set. Where did he build that in like this ranch house this the whole chasing just killed me like the fact. I don't know everything about it if i were to cast them. Okay i don't know if i'd cast dina's harker as jonathan harker now. Blake may also like who tears off. Someone's ear besides picasso. Why was that what he was going for. Full-time dinka grab eddie. Part of dracula. And that's the one he would for was he tried to. Scooby doo. it like remove a math. You like the old man behind it that he was so confused about what they were dealing with. Has this has to be scooby doo. None of this makes sense. Let me just rebuff your mask. Nope just got your ear. He did have a super sad back story though he did shape shifter i know that's why and then he obviously the last thing he sucks he sought solace in was phantom of the opera. Yeah that was just yet to also like way to test out a theory by grabbing another man's ear. I feel like that's not your first step and you better ear than anything else. You know this this whole episode. It's just it's so goofy. And it's so funny i mean at one point. Not only is regular driving off on a moped. He stopped like fighting to pay for a pizza coupon. Don't forget coupon. I have a coupon a coupon kids. Like i don't care to pay for the pizza. See in my mind. I feel like dean wouldn't be harker. I feel like sam would be harker and dean would be helping which is obviously reversed in this episode because dean is definitely the one. That's going to be hunting people down right and healthy. I guess jessica were still alive. Maybe i mean a girl of looked jessica esque. She did look kind of jessica. S which is why. I was surprised. The dean was going for her. And not sam. Yeah but dean spin read virgin aided and sam's kind of shacking up with ruby. So maybe he's not looking for any other ladies. You kinda forget that in this episode. And it's a little refreshing. I know it's so nice to not see her. You don't have ruby all up in your face and osama's just back to say yes. Just sam being sam ari. So is there anything else about this episode..

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