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A tropical depression as it moves across Florida in the next few days and if it becomes stronger they could become tropical storm Alberto. the search is under way for the person who's been threatening Coast Guard personnel over a VHF radio channel received at the Saint Petersburg command center. hello. the next time you set up there. all day and got a diarrhea or helicopters I wish that charges on your head. it's taking the threats very seriously they're asking for tips from anyone who might know who that is a poll county student is facing a battery charge after a violent locker room attack against a twelve year old student at Blake academy in Lakeland cellphone video of the slug fest has gone viral the attackers being suspended for at least ten days Lakeland police captain Steve for Czecho tells news channel eight what comes next after the investigations over sitting down with the parent one final decision is made on whether the students remains in the school or not and a plan will be developed to ensure the safety of the child school districts investigating why the teacher was not watching over students when the attack began. democratic presidential candidates took the stage in Houston for their latest debate the sharpest exchange on the ABC debate came one holy in Castro accused Joe Biden of flip flopping on his health care proposal you're forgetting what you sent us. just two minutes ago afterwards Castro said he was not trying to suggest anything negative or being nasty look the vice president and I were having a disagreement about health care policy C. B. S. political correspondent it'll key feels the three front runners are still the frontrunners still have them in place and I don't see anyone really else breaking through after the match the vitamin C. B. S. news that the democratic debate in Houston some Tampa Bay lawmakers are worried about U. S. S. planned to consolidate the school's considering seeking one accreditation to cover its campuses in Tampa Saint Petersburg and manatee county state representative Ben diamond says that would undermine the autonomy the same pizza in manatee campuses have in personnel decisions but state senator Jeff Brandis says lawmakers can apply endless amounts of pressure on the school make sure that of Ptolemy is left intact. a piece of property in downtown Tampa is under new ownership for a record setting price realtor J. L. L. announced that the residential tower known as five hundred harbor island was sold to northwestern mutual for more than a hundred million dollars that comes to over four hundred forty four thousand dollars per unit for the twenty one story apartment building that breaks a record for Tampa Bay said last year northwestern mutual says harbor island will only get better is downtown Tampa emerges as a premier place to live and work it's seven oh five eight newsradio WFLA good morning reports say the US and China might agree to an interim trade agreement with agreement on just some issues to allow both countries to start backing down from higher tariffs starting to hurt both countries economies. Zidan trump says he'll propose another tax cut for the middle class but he proposed a second middle class tax cut before but they're never announced anything on it senator Warren wants to increase social security benefits by two hundred dollars a month to sixteen hundred dollars and pay for it by raising taxes on dool income couples earning more than four hundred thousand dollars a year. the fewest Americans in almost five months file for unemployment claims last week showing the labor market is strong despite cooling in some parts of the economy but still census data shows median income did not rise at all last year and a hair stylist so she has cut costs she started cleaning some Airbnb rentals and still can't get to making fifty thousand dollars a year. for news radio WFLA I'm Joe Connelly with the Bloomberg business up Hey folks if you can't.

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