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Citizens to get the government's permission before the engage in. A charitable act that not only is fundamental to their religious practice. But also that is pro social after red lick it automates appeared in court last week. They learned that the city's counselor's office had decided not to pursue the case. But they are filing the lawsuit. Anyway. Few details on the shooting of a one year old girl last night, the shooting happened in the ten thousand block of bond avenue. The child's condition has not been released as he prepares to turn the keys over to the governor's office. Jay Pritzker Reuss rounder is telling lawmakers to be careful when asking Illinois residents to dig deeper into their pockets. There's so much talk about raising taxes raise income tax raise the gas tax raise, though, whatever in the end of term reports the Republican chief executive says people are leaving Illinois in droves. If you're a working family struggling to make ends meet and your company's not growing, they're not adding people they're not raising your salary, very fast. But they're things are booming in Tennessee or Georgia, Florida, Texas, say maybe we ought to head out. I'm very scared about this rounder says he'd like Illinois to reduce property taxes and pass term limits for elected state officials Saint Louis county is new prosecutor Wesley bell holds his first news conference. But there were some. Questions. He refused to answer. We're here to unveil the Bill plan. This is Kevin Colleen Wesley bell. Stuck to his message about expanding a diversion program drug treatment to divert nonviolent offenders away from prison bell decline though to answer a question from the podium and questions afterwards about the possibility of reopening, the Michael Brown case. I don't want people to say version,.

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