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The armstrong and getty show the story of jenn pisarski. Who's gonna be biden's press secretary wearing the soviet union are you have you been following story. Missed that so there's a picture of her. Where in one of those furry russian hats down pink and it's got the hammer and sickle on it so it's a soviet union hat and so obviously people were put in that picture around because luckily picked his his press secretary somebody wearing the hammer and sickle soviet union. At but i guess the back story is it was a photo op and a joke or something like that. But then the question is but y- ban yet your band this from twitter because it's misleading you. Didn't you know it's one of those things that the lax context so you're not allowing it to happen. But there are all kinds of other things that with similar contexts that you allow flagged by various social absolutely. Yeah heavily flagged. I briefly at twitter twice during vacation and it was great the not that the the rest of the time that i didn't and all that controversy and stuff if you follow if you if you just glance at the right people it's one of the best ways to get information that's ever existed but if you don't just glance at those people and then if you start reading the comments you will immediately you know. Get sucked into the the dumpster. Fire so one text. I wanna menu because we We mentioned the hungarian politician that has now resigning. He's an anti-gay rights politician high level in parliament Who got caught at an orgy with twenty-five dudes twenty-five naked dudes. He snuck out the back and got arrested in st. Well if you're going to have an orgy hope they'd be naked dudes and we got this text. I'm a gay man living in northern california. My whole i've never been invited to a gay orgy. This isn't a normal thing that you do as break. Its way out there. And you're like trying to roll back. And he gave rights whatsoever politician and rolling around with two dozen naked guys. That's so out there in a change in the name of that country to well hungary michael kids dead crowd here tonight. Come on all i pictures. Just a big ball sweaty hair. Do we have the sitcom laugh and the anymore. I didn't think it deserved it clearly. Didn't i think i'd be no longer hungry as what i would be. Ease oh are you done with your gross sex story. So i can get material. Human beings can use our listeners. For instance very briefly fringes texted. I will keep him anonymous but his contracting firm applied for and received an sba loan for twenty nine thousand dollars. That's the way it's supposed to work. The problem is i didn't apply for it. he writes. Sba fraud person said that thousands of fraudulent loans have been funded through this program. It's probably hundreds of thousands onto my deep thought. And it's i realized it's gonna seem overly simple and even a tad obvious. But i think it's worth remembering and i can't remember exactly what the circumstances were when i was thinking about it but i was communicating with my daughter my youngest who lives and works in the washington dc area. She's just completing her course of study in government and data and voting all sorts of stuff and And i was reading a little bit of the very little news. I took in about the changing of the guard in washington. Dc and and all the lobbying. That's going on zillions of dollars pouring into the georgia center. Just remember this. My friends very simple thing. Washington dc if you've been there recently you know. This is a very energetic city. People are on the move there on the go. There's lots of traffic there. Lots of young good looking folks go go going. What is the energy. That animates washington dc. It's not patriotism. It's not your best interests. The energy that animates washington. Dc is greed. Where the money is pure and simple. Same reason people came to california. It's where the gold was greed. Well put the gold. Rush is washington. Dc the programs that the buildings the lobbyists all of it. It's it's a pipeline for unthinkable amounts of money to flow through and like some mexican gas pipeline. There are people lined up little valves draining as much as they can from it. The energy that animates washington. Dc is greed shriver. Forget it three and a half trillion tax dollars flow in every year. And it's going somewhere right. You go there and you try to get your little chunk of it or you're listening chunk of it. Since that's like most most expensive counties in america. Hey brother i. I'm i have authority over. One hundred million dollars worth of grants. I'm going to steer it toward you and your company. It will fashion the rules in such a way that you'll have the inside track and then i'd really appreciate a job on your board when i'm done in a couple of years about two hundred and fifty k year would do. I'm going to be serving on a couple of other boards. That's all i ask. That is the energy washington. Dc stop spent sending more money there some voting for policies that imagine they'll build you a utopia cut it out. God you're being played for such suckers the grand eloquent speeches about how they're going to bring you equity and fairness and the rest of that crap money man so the world's are america's worst serial killer were knowing we're learning more about him. Have you been following this story. Yeah sarah term samuel little. Yeah oh my god. Maybe we'll delve into that. I there's there is a bit of a fascination with serial killers that people tend to have. Usually i get a little ways into it and i think why am i giving this guy any of my time. But there's some interesting nuggets to the story and on a lighter note because everything is one of the funniest bits of sarcastic chronicling of the social justice warriors and their travails. I love this thing. i just came across. We'll share with also the anti constitutionality of chas chump. From seattle armstrong and getty. My name is jamie loftus. And i'm here to tell you about my new show. Lalita podcast lolita. Vladimir nabokov is one of the most controversial works of all time and our culture is done. Its protagonist a huge disservice over the years. I've spent the last few months getting to the bottom of how america turn. This abused young girl into sex simple. And what that says about us new drop weekly on mondays listened to lolita podcast on the heart. Radio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts..

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