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I mean not that you want to but in a way you have to became you already eddie saying that your plan is a popular welterweight moving up. There's no more popular worlds away. I mean unless crawford's gonna move up and cross the street. We could only be talking about earl fi julian if he moves up so those numbers mean something because he's come with a mandatory minimum. That's only gonna raise yours right right or doesn't work that way. Sure sure sure <hes>. I mean his minimum really had nothing to do with us but you're right. You're right in contrast. What you would say is with the earl roku verse mikey how many news julian and gerry whose belts on the line. Where's the fight going to be. You know it's a lot of little things that go on any put. You guys are smart. Guys you kinda you. Kinda got the module <hes> exit out. You know what i mean. <hes> if if jolan earl fighting and sixty thousand in two morning and our belts are on the line and we gotta go to dallas and julian is the bigger guy were already moving up the fight is built. It will probably be about a fifty fifty split uh-huh. Maybe fifty five forty five. Maybe rose fever. You know what i mean <hes>. He's he's probably a little bit more popular than julian his right now. I'm i'm a pretty honest person and he's already already been on pay per view before but you know julian is excellent fighter. He brings a lot to the table and his belt will be on the line and we will have to go to dallas. L. is obviously he's gotta be compensated for two guys hometown so you're right. I mean you you kind of these things that you know that's what me wasn't paki hours posture and back and four who did the most reviews and things like that so earl will probably be a little bit of the east side in the fight and you know we will go from there and see what's what but you're talking about a whole <music> year some fights down the road early got tough fights ahead of him and julian. That's up fights ahead of him so we gotta see going on. Let's just say y'all get past your three four five plants blenders and you move up to one sixty. How likely is they jamaal charles rematch and you guys because because i thought that was a high level boxing chess match i three four. I think four reynolds and he got caught couch. Julia was doing relatively good and that's like so. I just wanna know had been any talk about doing one in every match when he goes up to sixty well. I'm glad that you said that man because they over show. Tom may get hit with one punch and and and was dominated and the fight was over with you know no. Nobody never wanna talk about what happened leading up to the fight leading up to him getting caught with the great shot but <hes> <hes> yeah woah. You definitely want to get that back. <hes> we curb appeal. You know it when you.

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