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You Know I. I personally loved when Taika witchy all of the guys on Thor Ragnarok were doing the interstitial Th or living in with a flatmate. In between after the the avengers movies and that was the sort of stuff that I loved incorporating a device for. Just, talking about how he was gonna pay rent or what his latest Song Media Count Follower number was. You know how to get verified on instagram any of the. Mundane stuff that we put so much weight in you find an immortal from another realm you know stressing over those things are just gold to me because they're they're you know you got literally. From a romance novel looking at a Cell Phone and kind of stress in those that that stuff is is just so great but you know. I like to think that I put my own my own spin on things I'll I'll leave it to the audience and decide. Not. Only do you have an extensive game you know? The the amount of roles and stuff like that. But also like I saw that I was taking a look and I thought that you're king role on the second and Sophia the I I have a six year old daughter. I am very familiar with the first I'll like oh my gosh. I had no idea that that is also. Work in animation I, know that you've had live action roles as well. Yes. Sir On it. You know it's been a long strange career. I think I think I moved out to California in two, thousand, five or six with the same aspirations at anyone does that come out to California to be the next biggest velvety TV star? There's ever been a that did not happen. But you know I. got my start in voiceover back in Dallas working with foundation on a bunch of anime dubs right you Haka show and full metal alchemist course. and. That was really where I learned the ropes of how via works and how to manipulate your voice try accents in different voice prints when I came out to Los Angeles. In you know I was basically doing every job under the sun to try and pay rent while auditions for you know bigger of film and TV projects were happening I realized that, Hey, they've got like video games out here and they also have dubbing which can do and you know there's also animation I try that stuff there's no way that I could be. A cartoon or a video game, and it took a long time to really build up the skills that you need to to be dependable for those projects but. It turned out that that was really my passion. You know the nerdy stuff that I did as a kid on the comic books that I read you know getting up early at six am to watch thunder cats and Silver Hawks Gi Joe..

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