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The tab. It is free lunch Friday each week from WTO P. Ten 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s Rita kesslers in the WTO traffic center. Well, it looks like we have a delay on the beltway. This is the outer loop of the beltway from old Georgetown road and off the southbound two 70s spur headed all the way across the American legion bridge to Georgetown pike, the work today is set up in the left lane. Inner loop slows approaching 66 watch for work usually on the right side, while northbound 95 is still heavy through newington headed onto the inner loop of the beltway toward Braddock road where that wreck was moved out of the roadway to the right shoulder. Southbound 95 slows before the aqua Quan headed past the Prince William Parkway. This is a work crew set up in the left lane, northbound three 95 delays are after duke street all the way toward glee road. This was the wreck on the right side. In the district, southbound D.C. two 95 heavy from burrows toward benning watch for any work taking Elaine. We still have delays on the inbound Clara Barton Parkway headed into the district toward the chain bridge with nothing reported in the roadway. Also, the inbound east street expressway near 23rd street northwest, the work was in the right lane, westbound Pennsylvania avenue near southern avenue in southeast. That was emergency response for some sort of activity there. In Maryland, on the beltway, in a little heavy passing two O one kettle worth avenue with nothing reported, southbound Baltimore, Washington Parkway delays are from route 32. This is an off and on backup, headed past one 97, keep an eye out for any crash activity. Attention contractors and technicians northeastern supply is opening in beltsville around the corner from MLK middle school visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing HVAC water systems and PVF needs. I'm Rita casler WTO traffic. Let's hear what chuck bell is saying about the forecast. Rain drops out to the south and west of Washington are currently moving in our direction, so be ready for some raindrops here over the next couple of hours. And

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