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One month before we met Cindy in this tiny back office at Eleanor health. She decided to reach out for help. She called on a Thursday reuss picked up the phone and she realized she had no idea what to say or how to say it. Because I was afraid that if I said what was true but they would say he would say. You can't come here. And I was struggling for what to say and then I forgot how he said it but he basically said your current user and that was true. Just done drugs before called and I was like it's okay once comes as Tamar. Wow Okay I'll come. I came and You know sorry but I did drugs before came. Came in and Shelby and she was so kind and so understanding and so nice but she bought it that you know to drug test me and I'm GONNA fail the drug test already tell you so okay get worryingly okay just kept saying it's okay. Told her what she would find. That's what she found. She didn't say see instead of sending her away. Shelby Center over to Jack. You sat with her and talk to her and the whole time he was smiling. It all felt like a dream especially because she had just had the complete opposite experience at another treatment facility. If I didn't meet the criteria I don't know I wouldn't kit down enough or I was kicked down too much and I was just site. I can't even light cullman tra- all Cindy wanted was a chance to try. But she was knocking on the wrong door and like David Smith said a couple of weeks back. There shouldn't be any wrong doors. Cindy had a moment of clarity. And Eleanor health welcomed. Her with open arms walked in here and they were so nice to me and that people are talked to discuss more comfortable and more comfortable and when I left I said to my mom I don't even know if this is real it such the perfect place for me. I fell like Bingham scared that it's not really real ben still new and green and everything to it so everybody just makes feel really comfortable and I felt comfortable being open and honest and not like leaving things out about myself to not look so bad. How does that feel? It's different? Fill a whole lot different but in a way I do keep being surprised at how do feel because didn't expect Priscilla's good as I do and I do feel pretty good but I know I'm here and I have them and they continue to even when I'm not here. I hear them so what they said to me. In the way they treated me. That goes with me when I leave which I didn't expect that and expect to hear their voices talking living here. Even they're like call me anytime but I never picked up the phone and call him but it was like I picked up the phone and call them because they're talking to me so when you hear the voices of these wonderful people in your head saying here don't do that. Don't do that or if you do. It's okay or still going to be there for you but it's more important that don't do that. Do you. Hear how Cindy is essentially repeating all the things in Inga and Jack said that Bruce and shelby reinforced in that intake process. There is nothing she can do. That will make her on welcomed here and this is key because Cindy is very new to this. Even though she saw her husband go through a Cindy has never been to treatment herself at sixty years. Old This is her very first time. You know because I came in here and it was a drug addict. You're not a drug addict. After we talked to said you're substance abuser and explained to me me different clear definitions and talk to me about the brain and what different things do to your body and help makes you act in. Choose and make me look at things. Different must still can't look at myself without saying I chose to be like this and they are trying very hard to teach me. That didn't necessarily choose was still.

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