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Do the two minutes on your left hand breast two minutes on your right hand rest two minutes on your left this back and forth and the break times are exactly measured and been measured through multiple different studies is proving that the two minutes is the exact interval and that the the thirtyish percent the exact number and what it does is it keeps you within within a a tower of that exact percentage and the system using both audio and visual cues tells you if you need to squeeze more or you need to squeeze less and it's amazing easing how at the end of two minutes first of all you feel tired from it but more than that what happens is you'll notice that your grip starts to relax and all of a sudden you're being told squeeze more squeeze more squeeze more squeezing the same as I was and you're like No. I'm not I guess but you know your your arm starts to weaken so the idea that you need to keep it there and can do it by yourself without such a measurement devices not accurate but using that isometric therapy what happens is static hold on on on that grip rip for that period of time forces the muscle into into an isometric which is an equal measurement. Imagine the case that you did a squat what everybody's familiar with a squat you know feet parallel standing shoulder length apart you know but back chest up and you and you drop as low as you can bending bending only your knees now imagine you did that but you only went down thirty percent of the way and had to stop and hold that squad for two minutes your legs get tired and what happens is as your muscles starts to fatigue your body response to that fatigue by pushing additional blood flow to the oxygen eight the muscle to make sure the muscles able to able to control itself and not get damaged the beautiful part about that is that overtime it's usually refined as a period somewhere between four to eight weeks and it actually varies by user but over that period of time what happens is the the wining and the blood vessels actually start to reform and it actually increases the elasticity in the resistance vessels and increasing that US tizzy increased to greater permeability in the endothelial lining in the cardiovascular system not only does that make for or better blood flow because obviously the more flexible the that the blood vessels are the more freely blood can flow but the more freely blood can flow Obviously the pressure goes down. It's like releasing the Kink in a garden hose and allowing the water to flow and in doing so what happens you just become overall real healthy and and at the same time as you were speaking McKay one of the things that you talked about was that that that increased elasticity and and the increased permeability particularly in that endothelial lining makes for greater saturation of nitric oxide throughout the body and I'll I'll shut up and let that you speak on the nitric oxide side because that's your area of expertise more than anything does that explain it if I got in too weird on that no no now. I'm I've got some really basic. Questions here like has anybody ever broken. One of these like some strong man says yeah it squeezed it and I broke it and not even close. Every every device is actually in our manufacturing center is actually calibrated and we actually put it in a cradle that specifically shaped like the device crush it and every devices pre crushed before you receive it but we put it in there and calibrated but it's it's calibrated rated for up to I. It's somewhere I forget. The exact calibration of her is but it's it's over two hundred pounds of pressure like I told you I mean I'm. I'm a relatively strong I and and I get it to about one hundred pounds of pressure so that someone's going to have that much hand grip strength to crush the devices probably not gonNa Happen and then how about on the other side. Can you be too weak to use it. No Serb is again bear in mind it only measures. It actually calibrates. It's to your daily maximum grip strength so even a person who's elderly in We have people who use it are in their eighties with arthritis and what it does is it calibrates to you and in calibrating to you you get the same benefit a person who's eighty years old and can only squeeze it at the thirty forty pounds of pressure and and then does the therapy. It's the exact same benefit of a strong man who squeezes it to one hundred and fifty pounds of pressure because it's calibrating to that individual's visuals maximum grip strength you know. I've got a infrared sauna in my practice and that's one of the benefits of the Sauna. Donna is that you go in there and you get a you can get a cardio workout because your body has to work on cooling itself just by sitting there air ways you get somebody who's you know can't for whatever reason isn't very mobile but this is even better because you don't even have to get out of bed and you don't have the expensive buying yourself. Asana to get your body working in this way into recognize okay that work is being done and we need to begin to send out all the healing and growth hormones that happen when that's kicking in now. Here's here's a little side. Do have you ever said you're a fitness. Have you ever dealt into like the power of ten exercise stuff that I know what you're talking. Okay personally embarrassed myself and say I'm more of a across the guy that's all right it. Just it strikes me. It's really lines up in some ways. It's not isometric in that. You are moving the weights but you're doing it so slow and then part of it is you are at the last rep holding it for as long for as long as you can there be failure and that that is purely isometric so you brought the muscles to failure and then you're still asking them to work and it really sounds to me like the same. It's kicking in the same mechanism now. The other thing is and I noticed you didn't say this explicitly early but the the period of time you're squeezing Ford's two minutes and two minutes may or may not sound like a long time to you but in in I've started using this and two minutes I realize is much longer than I'm not only focusing on anything focusing on using this device for two minutes hits for four different intervals. I have to be honest. Decay probably exercises my brain yes of my more than it does my body. I was going to ask you about that. How much is this. This is simply disguised meditation. Do you talk. I'm going to tell you that the science behind the body is very very much very very much. rooted in research but to your point. I believe that there is actually a eight a halo effect. If you will that takes place because it does force you to pay attention to it. We're we're such a multitask world that when when we're having to force through to rest our minds and focus on something that does require that work one of the one of the this is interesting because we're actually in the process right now. If you know doing some potential redesigns you know to just always trying to improve the technology and the user experience. One of the suggestions was made. Can we do this so that there are much stronger audio cues so that a person doesn't have to visually watch it and they can do it while doing other things and and the conversation that you're bringing up actually came up in our conversations are indeed was sure we can we can change the way the audio accuser used an and and so on but are we actually getting rid of some of the benefit and that is just making a person's mind stopped for twelve minutes. 'cause I don't know about you but I don't think my does most other times the day I was starting so I I started to attempt to read my email while I was doing my Zona and that lasted about twenty twenty seconds okay. Let's focus now. There's a mine is sitting on my desk right in front of me and as I told you it's like I've I've never had a problem with blood pressure before and then all of a sudden I did and I think that's I think that's the story for most people people and it's like I. I'm forty four years old and I shouldn't have blood pressure as you and I never have and then all of a sudden I get my blood pressure for UN for or no reason I mean there's no external reason I mean maybe some stress I guess but I mean my blood pressure was always like one ten over seventy I would go to the doctor and the nurse would take egg might be P and we'd be like Oh are you a runner and I am thank you you know and but what's funny. Is that all of a sudden. I've actually but all of a sudden my my blood bloodpressure. I've taken a reading because I didn't feel well and it was like one forty five over ninety. Something like Holy Cow Lick ready to have heart attack here shift breath. It was a big shift and it was very sudden and as I told you it was the rubber hit the road because I'm telling everybody to lower their blood pressure naturally but I didn't have the problem so it almost seemed somewhat hypocritical and then all of a sudden here I am having to take take a spoonful of the the medicine and then I'm telling everybody else keeps us it. It really does it really doesn't really became that physician heal thyself moment and and the reality is that that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm sitting here with one on my desk and I do it every day when I come in the office that gives me five days a week and if I'm traveling. It's in my briefcase briefcase for anyone who is about to ask this question. No you never have a problem going to airport security device and we find that what happens is as people are using the device iced over a period of time they stopped getting those symptoms at Ortho static hypo tension also gets under control and the reason for Ford is because your body's not trying to push blood through narrower more static openings there. There's more flexibility. There's there's you know more permeability so so yes. It actually does help with that. That's okay so that's the first time I've thought of the the low blood pressure as is also being an actually the the chains lack of change of blood pressure is also being a consequence of inflexibility in in the cardiovascular system but it makes sense is you're asking the body to respond in some way and its ability. It's flexibility is in up to snuff so it takes some time to to adjust like if you're gonNa if you have stiff capillaries and you're in a nice comfortable seated position or lying down and they go to stand up and and all of a sudden you need to get more blood into your brain and your capital and your arteries are stiff it just can't do it can't do it yourself and I whoa and never thought of it as a as the opposite end of of of stiffness but the same result no thank you for that interesting right yeah absolutely absolutely so to lack of ability to adjust the lack of the flexibility I wanNA throw them out there. I said to you that we're in the process right now of wearing the in the midst of giant research the era for us. We're doing lots more research and doing a lot more things than an part of that is because we talk about the nitric oxide released but also the ability to you know create more flexibility throughout the entire cardiovascular and circulatory systems very interesting to me. There's so many other things things that while I'm careful not to call them because a lot of the things I'm going to say are are actual medical indications so I don't want to speak out of turn on the but what I will we'll say is increasing blood flow and increasing nitric oxide production is is a treatment for multiple other types of indications completely unrelated to high blood pressure. Yom For we find that you know people who use his own a plus and I I will I will preface and be very careful careful to not overstep my clinical boundaries here but we find that anecdotally people tell us that using the Zona. They don't actually it. They don't have migraine headaches anymore because migraines are usually related to constricted blood vessels leading to bring an increased blood flow reduces the migraine because it increases that blood flow same thing for erectile dysfunction. That's that's all a matter of blood flow and and people who and we talked about that actually on the Dave aspirant podcasts. I know you said you listen to that and increased blood flow fixes that problem woman increased blood flow and increased nitric oxide production it. It's linked to increases in memory. It's overall zooey yeah it. It's it's ridiculous. I mean truthfully. It's it's muscle recovery. I mean personally like any friends of mine that are just avid. Fitness is people even if they don't have high blood pressure. I recommend that they're using a device like this. Because most.

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