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Continuing and from Ashland onto the inbound in Ryan ramp. In Ryan itself slow from 31st into the circle. I'm Vicky Cocu's Ian, WGN traffic central. Some Illinois regions that have been meeting guidelines may soon see some covert restrictions lifted, including the ban on indoor dining and announcement could come as soon as today. Mayor Life would says she wants that to happen as soon as possible if we look at the various criteria The state is set. We are meeting most, if not all of those, so that's a conversation that I will have the governor but I want to get our restaurants and our bars reopened as quickly as possible. The governor has a covert 19 briefing scheduled for noon today. The Illinois Restaurant Association says establishments have been closed for 75 straight days. Group estimates more than 5000 restaurants in the state will close permanently leading to the loss of more than 120,000 jobs. Heinz V. A hospitals now offering the Fizer covert vaccines veterans over the age of 65. And those in several patient categories. WGN's Pam Jones report dialysis, chemotherapy, spinal cord and Transplant patients are eligible. So our vets in the residential care facility and in the homeless, veteran program Long term care, resident and army that Melissa and Clocker got the first shot at Heinz last month. Veterans may schedule Appointments for doses of the vaccine seven days a week. Pam Jones, WGN News. The city of Chicago is investigating Possible Cove in 19 violations following a fire at Gibson's Bar and steakhouse on the near North side. The Wednesday night fire force patrons to evacuate the famed Gold Coast restaurant fire started in a second floor fireplace and was quickly extinguished. No injuries were reported. Ortiz haven't revealed whether the restaurant was seating outdoor or indoor diners, statewide restrictions and the local stay at home order ban indoor seating. This morning, the Chicago Teachers union will rally to support teachers who've been disciplined for refusing to return to the classrooms. CPS into schools are safe, and those teachers are expected to report to work. Here's WGN's Eric Run. The teachers union says CPS is planned to open schools isn't working in cases of covert 19 or growing across the district, though. So far no schools have had to pause in person learning. This is the first week back for pre K and special education students who opted for in person learning. The district has spent millions of dollars upgrading its schools, ventilation systems and creating distance in classrooms. For students to learn in person. K through eighth grade students who opted for in person learning will begin February 1st. The district says. There have been some reported cases of covert, but so far there have been no outbreaks and therefore no reason to pause in person learning. Union members will meet on the West side and hold a news conference there. Then they'll get in their cars and head to CPS board vice president of CBS Board Vice President's Home Chicago, setting aside nearly $9 million for debt forgiveness for eligible homeowners. Monies for people enrolled in the Chicago utility Building Relief program. The initial initiative reduces the cost of water, sewer and water tax portions of city utility bills for low income Chicago residents. Program was launched last April. Over the course of the year. Customers aren't required to make any payments on their balance and collection and shut off. Activity is suspended during enrollment. Now with WGN Sports Here's David Good morning wasn't the start The Blackhawks hope for. How will they respond? We find out tonight the ox in Tampa Bay again. And if you're curious, so is Dominic who? Billy was a good test for us. There is no easy game in this leak. So whoever you play just need to be 100% ready and meet the bones back a little bit and have a good game. Blackhawks put both Jonathan Tapes and Kirby Doc on long term injured reserve, which gives them some temporary relief against the salary cap it It also means the earliest tapes could play his early next month. If he's healthy then the Hawks did say it's a back problem that sidelined Brent Seabrook, but he could be back soon. The Hawks in Lightning tonight, the pre game with Chris Boden at 5, 30, John and Troy have the face off its six. The Bulls get Lowry marketing back tonight when they played Oklahoma City. He missed the West Coast trip because the covert protocols the Bulls have lost three straight. By an average of three points. College basketball Purdue over Indiana 81 69 Urban Meyer was a success as a college head coach. We'll see if it carries over to the NFL after Mayer was hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he'll reportedly have pretty much total control. Well is the number one pick and salary cap space. The Jets, meantime, of hired Robert Sallah as their new coach. He's been the defensive coordinator of the 40. Niners. David it WGN Sports. The forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center, here's meteorologist Morgan Co. Choir. Good morning. Temperatures this morning are still in.

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