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Coming up. An import about this. Yes. Because I have I've questions I think they're going to have answers, and so we're going to delve into a different area. Now Look do you and I? Slam the the makeup and the kind of look of housewives and their brands we do. Yeah. But we brought into fresheners to do that and to just really tell us where everyone's at and I do mean professionals Daniel. I Wanna read a little bio fi May This is very fun. We have Nick Axelrod, Annie, Creek bomb they are here. Okay. Anne is a beauty journalist. She's turned exact. She's the Co host along with Nick of the beauty news podcasts eyewitness beauty and she's Very, exciting, a former brand lead for glossy may be any new I like my Glassy Yup Yup and nick is a former reporter for Elle magazine. Maybe heard of that little publication and women's wear daily which I feel like I hear about but I don't know what it is but I feel it's very important. It's like that's like high and fashion. That's like people who know rings like not just US amateurs who dabble in vogue it's like a no look like wearing a jumpsuit my friend gave me. And also a nick also co founder of the Personal Care Brand and Necessar- and I will say he sent me a gift basket that I was like who cares about the enough to send this amount of product this amount of luxury product for the bath okay. I'm going to get him to talk about that and that's why we're having mom but he's very nicely sent me that it was body washes lotions and he even sent me Lube. Danielle. Look. You didn't receive well, you didn't see I only had candy Brisk Lube which as you've ever was wonderful stung an also he co founded the beauty website into the gloss and eyewitness beauty is there podcast its beauty and pop culture podcast available wherever you get your podcast. Please welcome and Nick I. Thank you so much for having US I mean we're branching out into New Territories and it feels good to just get your takes I, mean I I i. Love the housewives, and so I needed to figure out my way in talking to you is about the housewives and it was beauty. It was their beauty, their beauty of which they are most of them. So very beautiful them actually, and some of them you know it's more of a mask they put on as opposed to what they really look like some of them i. don't believe I would know what they. Look like without their makeup on if I saw like Lisa, on the street I wonder if I would recognize her I think she goes anywhere without Mak-, right? Yeah. That's how I mean. Have you seen speaking of which Kim's Zodiac bearman without makeup now twenty, twenty, Kim I don't think so unrecognized, you would never wreck early Oriole. No. Wow. I just saw on TV I didn't here in person but well, I gotta make up with. Federica and Anne welcome to you as well. Thank you. I'm so excited to be here guys before we start I did want to ask your opinion on my lipstick now. What I want to say to you, both may give you a little luck T- like it. Yes or no it's like a faded red. I can't tell if the color on my screen as accurately depicting it. Well, let me say something it's not lipstick. It's the Zoom filterless tech. There's a new upgrade on zoom. You can go into like visual effects and you can change your lip color and I just wear this now on Sims and I have to go get any color you want and I feel like I. Hope they don't give glossy I run for their money is my hope but you can change your local literally anything that follows you look, but then show them up close next to the MIC. Disappear. But when am I, using them into the might I get compliments on all these new lips that I'm doing. But I'm not even do what do you think about this new trend that I started? Of the filter makeup. Yeah. Are you upset Oh I love I love instagram filter but I like the ones where you can tell it's a filter like you know with the butterflies and. sparkles and whatever I don't like the subtle ones yet see I like this because I don't want people to know that I didn't even take two seconds to put on lipstick I'm using it as a genuinely timesaver from fact. My husband and I are doing surrogacy and egg donor agencies have nine. Nov.. have. Not yet figured out instagram filters. So all the pictures from like I'd say, eighty five percent of the of the egg donors on these websites are all filtered like snapchat pictures with like the birds flying around their heads and saw. And it's like you can't really tell what these people look like and they're going to be the genetic. Parents. I love those Mickey Mouse years but like. I want my child to have Bambi. And so. Is Yes. That is so weird. Yeah. Okay. Guys hit us with your heartaches on beauty and you also said you've got some thoughts about missed opportunities for brands for some of these women and the brands you like and don't like just let us let us have it. Yeah. So on our show, we always say that like beauty, the beauty industry is a reflection of culture at large and what we found in Oliver Research on these housewife beauty brands that they truly do reflect the culture of the house ways universe and was correct. And what way? What specific way do you believe? Well, we have a few. We have a few thoughts so we weren't super impressed overall unfortunately what? I know I know I dare you to tell me out. There's not like a where we're skinny girl. Margarita mix was to alcohol. There is no beauty equivalent not even Gretchen Christine. R.I.P..

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