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Second week of individual workouts at Starfire in Tukwila today midfielder Miguel Ibarra says just getting on a real soccer field this past week doing actual soccer drills with the input of coaches was a welcome relief after training at home for more than two months I say we can compare because our outdoors around grass we can put on soccer cleats instead of just being home with just finishes is being out here and being able to feel the grass again is amazing meanwhile the national women's soccer league has authorized the Seattle reign in other league teams to begin phase two of that league's return to play protocol beginning today phase two allows teams to engage in voluntary small group training which is defined as up to eight players working with a coach or other member of the team staff the Washington Huskies get a verbal commitment from the top junior college tight end of the country Quinton Moore who played at Ingle more high school says he's coming back to western Washington the six foot six two hundred and forty five pounds and currently plays at independence college in Kansas and Japan's professional baseball season will open June nineteenth under a plan that excludes fans Japan joint South Korea and Taiwan in Asia leagues that are re opening sports a tenant forty minutes past the hour Americanize komo news technology and screens they are a part of our quarantine life as so many people have to spend time indoors during the pandemic but what happens when tech turns into an addiction as it often can almost Kelly Koopmans has one man's decline and what his saving grace was as well as a warning where.

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