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Budget fights in the kansas school system go back more than a decade but the controversy came to a head in the fall of last year when the kansas supreme court unanimously ruled that the state is underfunding its public schools the school district sued arguing that the state cut school funding during the recession that they never fixed it and when the economy recovered they just cut taxes instead with a mess of this size is the new governor jeff collier the man to fix it dana miller is president of the kansas association of school boards she's also a board member at her local school district baser lynnwood in kansas dana welcome thank you well dana there had been battles over public school funding in kansas for a decade from where you set what's the state of public schools in kansas now you know over the years we have had fights if you will with the legislature over funding we have had to reduce our cut positions and raise class sizes and eliminate programs to continue to fund our schools i think that this is a new day in kansas with our new governor and we are very hopeful that our state legislature will come up with a an appropriate and adequate funding plan while the money's been short the court scott involved of course uh talk a little bit about the effect in the classroom on students on teachers and in the schools themselves as educators and board members admin for our school districts in kansas i have to say we are very very good at working to keep those cuts from affecting our kids for as long as.

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