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Enjoyed here except now there's a video format reiver's and you get me get frustrated with conrad and conrad get frustrated with me all the things that you've always wanted to boy i wish i could stay in his face when he said that well you're going to see it and it's going to be a part of the wwe networks to stay tuned to all of our social networking because soon as we know in a soon as it's official we're gonna be leading yuno so you're not gonna wanna miss this just like you're not gonna wanna miss when we come back to new york city on saturday august the eighteenth back at the gramercy head on over to bruce prichard dot com to get tickets and man is just so much to talk about but hell we have a little a little show to do to don't we we do have a show to do today but we wanted to address all the rumor and india a front sixty to ninety minutes weekly it's going to be coming your way on the ww network so if you haven't subscribed jet goes subscribe you're gonna wanna watch along and half fun with us here and you're going gonna need that wb network today because we're going to be covering one of the biggest rawls ever it's from april thirteenth nineteen ninety eight it's the twenty year anniversary so go ahead and fire that up and along the way we want to encourage you to pick up your tickets to see bruce and i live baltimore we're coming to you on monday may the seventh it's the show unlike any other we've ever done before in that we have a special confirmed guest and it's on a monday you'll be able to see bruce and i do our thing for a couple of hours then we're going to stick around and watch her all with you and you never know what my happen it's all going down at jimmy's famous seafood the best crab cakes in the world we're gonna feed you you're gonna have plenty to drink it's going to be awesome and you don't wanna miss your chance to join bruce than i in baltimore for one of our most fun experiences of all it's bruce prichard dot com that's where you can pick up your tickets and we do want to go ahead and let you know that.

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