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That the prosecutor he's up to and it's difficult to find the forum where you could get it addressed uh because there are rules about disclosing classified matters that don't apply in normal law enforcement so you're quite right it becomes very difficult to bring this to the fore uh it's really up to the president to do it and you know that hasn't happened to this point and and i agree he's not getting much else for most justice department deputy attorney general rod rosenstein shows robert muller to be the special council is to lay to call robert muller end and read him the details here to correct the original mistakes no i don't think so i don't think it's too late for sessions to tighten up his refusal and i don't think it's too late for rosenstein to comply with the regulation and specify what crimes moeller is free to investigate that he goes jurisdiction to investigate and i i don't think that would work any harm to moller's investigation because the regulation that controls the jurisdiction of a special council allows him to come back to the justice department and ask for an expansion of its jurisdiction if he has stumbled upon other crimes in in the course of legitimate investigative activity uh that ought to be investigated and the attorney general and the deputy attorney general at that point could expand the jurisdiction but i think absolutely uh to to get this thing rained into something that is more approximate of a criminal investigation you need to specify what he's allowed to investigate andhra mccoy kathy for the national review online thaddeus mccotter the great voice of the great lakes at wjr i'm.

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