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News, 1000 FM, 97 7. Good morning, It's 11 31. I'm Kelly Bleyer with the top local stories from the Coma. 24 7 News Center. In Tacoma, 21 year old man was shot multiple times last night in a parked car on South Jay Street. Right now, he's in serious but stable condition at the hospital. He's expected to survive. So far. No arrests have been made. And two women were shot and they were safe way gas station on Rainier Avenue in south Seattle last night as well. Police tell us the women are in their twenties. They were taken the hospital in serious condition. Investigators have not said what led to the gunfire. Police are still searching for a shooter. The state Capitol in Olympia is heavily guarded this weekend, just a state capitals in all states after an FBI warning of possible armed protests leading up to President elect Biden's inauguration. Almost Jonathan show reports. Businesses in Olympia don't like what they see Some downtown Olympia business owners like Laurie Ma Geneti say, the added security presence is not a good look for the area. Oh, it's come into our business tremendously. We have not had one person in the shop today. It's a little intimidating. Republican State Senator John Brown hopes all of this comes down sooner rather than later. I do have long term concerns that we don't continue to restrict access to the capital. It's unclear how long the fencing and barricades will remain. It doesn't feel like the America that I grew up in Franco's. He co owns Danger Room comics and says he understands the need for added security. But if protesters do show up this weekend, well, I hope there's no violence. Authorities say There is no immediate threats in our welcoming protesters if they plan on doing it peacefully, Jonathan SHOW Cuomo News The holidays didn't help to slow the winter coronavirus surge. But one University of Washington health expert says our state did do pretty well. New Year's Eve was the big concern for Dr Ali moved odd because it's right for larger, non family gatherings. Holidays didn't help on a new year holiday didn't help at all. But what we are seeing right now and you see the clear in our clearly in our visualizations that we've seen that and Christmas. We've seen that and Thanksgiving the week after that silence,.

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