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Kicking situation, So if I were him, I'd drop eight. I would try to have all my defenders. All eight defenders pass coverage with their eyes in the back field, so if Justin Fields tries to run and extend the play We'll have eyes on him at all times. Alabama leading 21 14 6 17 to go till halftime Back Jones 16 out of 18 for Ohio State 1 94 2 touchdowns. He did have a costly lost from the first of his career that led to an immediate score on the very next play. Magic Harris has rushed for 39 yards and a touchdown. Vontae Smith. Nine Catches for 1 24 Touchdown for Alabama, Justin Fields, five out of 10 passengers for Ohio State for 86, Master Teague. 11 carries 60 yards for Ohio State and two touchdowns. He's getting the bulk of the work since Trey sermon left after one Carrie for two yard game with a shoulder injury. So they're ready to go. Which team's been in the red zone twice and scored two touchdowns in Ohio State, trying to make that three for three with a lot of work to do from the 16 3rd down 11. Master teams on the left hip of fields out of the gun. Here comes the blitz fields today it is in complete with tight end Jeremy record. He got blasted in our flag comes down. Jordan battle made the hit. You wonder if this is gonna be targeting It was a pop over the middle. The record fields through a strike. Rucker got his hands on it, but he got hit hard up high. It is the ball playing off him to the grass. The flags flew in Jordan battle were delivered to hit up Hi Brian Branch was trailing in the coverage targeting defense. Not really targeting is under review. I think this call is going to be confirmed at the replay review battle ago as record is coming across the middle battle initiates that contact with the crown of the helmet right to the face mask. Jeremy record, really? A massive hit that's going to be targeting for sure can't see anyway. It's not. It's really textbook targeting. That's what the rule is intended to do away with mean You haven't I've not seen a hit like that, Sean. All season long. That was that delicious. Made to the head or neck area with the crown of the helmet. Almost very nice catch. The ball was going on in front of him said extend his armies. He tried to call it into his body. That's right. One battle. Arrived and crunched him with promise helmet right in the chin strap of record with Brian Branch trying to tackle him from behind around the waist. Now we should also point out there's a little short handed in the secondary, Malik I'm or the freshman. He was outstanding this year started every game until the semifinal against Notre Dame, which he missed with a bad back. He was a question right before the game, but our information was he was unlikely to play and I do not recall having seen him in the game After reviewing the play ruling of targeting is confirmed Number nine is disqualified by real question clinics. Saving Pete Golden will have to adjust not a happy homecoming for battle. He's right down the road in Fort Lauderdale ST Thomas Class High school, which is produced so many great players, including the both the brothers, Joey, and next week, Come on Ohio State stars. That's a massive penalty not just because you lose a great safety in Jordan battle who has really come into his own there in the back and the best defense. He's also the signal caller back there defensively and You give Ohio State fresh set of downs, now half the distance to the goal after they were faced with 13 11. So a massive penalty by Jordan battle first and goal from the eight ball on the left half to Marco. Helen's has come in. He plays very well against Notre Dame, Never leading tackler. He's a backup safety out of a gun field looks to the red thrown over the head of their Wilson breaking open behind the great Patrick Surtain Talk about homecomings. He's from plantation, Florida All Americans tend his dad. Patrick, Start in this stadium is a Miami dolphin. This son might be better. Dad was a three time all pro in the NFL. There, though. Patrick's Tana was beaten badly by about 45 yards and ball thrown way over his head. Jordan battles in tears on the Alabama sideline after the injection gun the handoff to two straight ahead for about to go down easily. They're a bunch of Benson tied wrapped around his waist. Here comes third down and goal now from the 65 53 o'clock running remaining in the first half battle, Definitely in tears on the Alabama sideline, Crimson Tide leading 21 14, but Ohio State trying to tie it up. Hey, break the huddle. With the lobby there wide receiver on the right end of the line and with tight end record out wide to the right shotgun snap. Fields has time froze, and it's almost intercepted. They threw it over the head of the tight end. Good, Farrell. And Patrick's attend had playing off his hands in the end zone a chance for pick but he couldn't catch it on. That's now to the last three throws from Justin Fields, way off the mark. He had guys with opportunities to potentially make plays in the football. He just missed it. The windows get tight in the Red Zone Got to be more accurate. Football. Jake Cyber True freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio. They've used three different kickers this year. Whether top to Blake Hobby land dominates the Mesa out of action was a covert. Here's cyber 1924 yards will go on to something good. His first made field goal of his college. Three freshmen out of Cincinnati LaSalle High School very highly recruited most of the services out in one of the top two or three figures in the country my school last year. His only attempt during the regular season was a 44 year old who thinks Indiana, which he missed. But he's good there. Look, rock song may have facing him. I'm gonna be something if it comes down tonight to a kick by cyber who had never made a field goal until tonight. He's paying his own way of Ohio State is what they call a gray shirt. They didn't have enough scholarship, so he's paying his own way with the promise that he'll be on scholarship next season. I think it Z widely assumed If he kicks a game winner tonight, Sean, I'll make you a gentleman's agreement. Steak Bet If you will. He makes a game winner tonight. He'll be on scholarship tomorrow is that a fair assessment still find a way. It's good athlete played wide receiver as well in the South High school in the state championship team, he made a 43 yarder. In the championship win against Master in Washington last year, which is the longest field goal ever made in the Ohio High School deep to state championship game shows. Clutch had two field goals in that game. They were using Drew Pressman. The punter, kickoff are left to our right ball. Just inside the left hash marks on. He runs pretty well, straight on on, pops it up short about this was gonna make another fair catch. At the 11 yard line with the right numbers..

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