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A lot for stopping by lots going on walks to get to next hour we'll have our share of mark lamb but now county Arizona bottom of this hour it's going to be Lacy Johnson he's running for district five as a Republican out of Minnesota against you on Omar he's a guy I've been in the community a long time he's a guy that's been bringing sides together for a long time he's the right choice for that part of Minnesota right now you need a voice a local voice like laci to step up you know you want Mar her daughter the other day was tweeting out about gathering in and organizing and meeting here and bring water not milk for the tear gas and pepper spray I mean this is a radical but you don't need an office who's raising people have this ideology wheels also note you are no more it's filled with hate when it comes to Jews and so on so you need somebody in there who's gonna actually look out for people of that district and this is the right guy we talked about what's happening in the city and much much more stick around for that at the bottom of the hour me time back to the phones at one eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty let me say hello and welcome to online one is Sadie in Michigan I see what's going on hello thanks Michael you bet I want to just kind of something else okay how well that this whole the whole hello no it's not a okay but according to KSTP which is Minneapolis channel five huh John and the guy that yet my off the guy had me on a diet that nice coworkers at Boston Medical opponent and yeah I know it is well Hey it's not active it's not clear whether they knew each other they did at some point work at the same club we don't know if they work at the same time at the same club but having said that George Floyd is very dead there's nothing acting here this is not a hoax I don't see that at all no well if you're just on stuff that I've seen I am I'm wondering is it possible that because but last week trying to destroy trump in the corona virus doesn't seem to be doing that okay let's have a taste for five and three right well again I'm gonna I watched the video did you watch the video you think the guy speaking like he died I don't know that you could fake like that that number that the ambience and never checked and they just put him in that's not phone call for the EMG for some protocol for cops have is the the guys there for nine minutes either well that do we know that the full pressure is applied to the next you can have your knee on somebody that and the guy if he knows what he's supposed to do since I love you I love you like is like a sister I I love you like crazy this is the nuts the most ninety thing I've ever heard in my life I'm gonna let you go because it's actually bothering me I gotta be honest with you eight eight nine and one eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty one eight hundred five zero one seven zero eight zero because for that to have been an act the play dead like that I.

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