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Are you. Are you Mario Mario and Mario. Mario has been saying his name a thousand times. I going to. Use My star Sabretech again. This is for the whole kingdom. And I'm GONNA use luck. twenty-three that doesn't. Seventeen damage. Yeah let it good. Yeah slice right into that guy. Capelle. Pal to blame. Bowser is starting to look tired, but he also kind of like. Maybe, his rallying a little bit. So peach another You have another accident here. Again well a close to of I'm GONNA. Use My peach bomber. And I'm going to add another luck that. Barely doesn't eighteen. So you're. What what happens when you? You're not just like bumping this guy with your hip. Like what does this look like? So. It looks like an explosion for my hip to his body. Hey! Explosion. That's where it's at. because. These hips don't lie. Yeah. Do now do a forty-six. Yeah, you see you need a twelve damage. That's good. Not Looking, great for him. To collect twelve times probably heard that I'm Mike. Smelters turn? So as you do this as you hit him with your exploding hip. It's a really powerful pack this time. And The, the ground around you like all the windows on the buildings, like even like a hundred yards away like shatter. And the ground cracks underneath you. That's what I call a tectonic to Thanks Mario. That is Mario into that. It's Mario like if. I could come around to it. Such A. charmer he is. So Bow there is going to try and. Crack. Why don't you wait until I was? I didn't know the right time. So. Bowser is going to claw at you Mario. Bringing at me Liz Lips. And he does. A Tornado meets my defense. I believe attack breaks ties It's supposed to do. That please don't get mad. You. Know. It's supposed to do forty five damage. Damage. Is. He actually rolled really good like it's a ridiculous amount of DC to begin with but Rolled also very good. Like our role. Technically created. but It doesn't this so because he Chris like. Man It's just way too fast for you to even react Mario. And it comes down on you. And the clot just like. bounces off of you. Oh. It. Just seems to like the light around. You seems to just protect you. And it just bounces off of peaches. Look, I made of rubber. And you feel feel your courage to surge Mario. And so now he looks angry. He looks angry and so he. He jumps up in the air and you've seen this before. And he's GonNa. Try to come down on like both of you and so do an agility role for me. And agility role. I'm going to add a luck to this. I got a twenty. Two added another DC six to that. twenty-three. I ruled eight. Bows so Martin Mario gets out of the way of this Of The bowser bomb, but You are kind of on the edges of it. peach, and so you're GONNA GM IF I may. And I spend another luck. To. Push peaches out of the way. And take the hit. All that would. Know. I dive. into the path of the drop in push peaches out of harm's way. Okay Well, it's supposed to twenty one damage. But. Once again. it actually now. He doesn't just bounce off He does sort of like land on top of you. But it doesn't hurt your dislike pinned under him. So you don't take any damage, but. but as as he comes down, this crack in the ground grows wider. and suddenly the earth below you like crumbles and it wasn't like. Wasn't like shallow earth or anything like this is several deep feet like A. A huge like. Like Crevasse. Cracks Open it's like there's a fault line here and it just opens up and so it runs the length of the. The courtyard and the castle in the distance like. Begins to crumble, and it falls into this crevasse. And you can see suddenly. The you know. Now you, can you feel like hot air below you and like you? Are Sort of like on the edge of this You're like teetering on the edge of this CRA vase now, and you can see that there's like lava like tons and tons of lava like. Far Down. Into this canyon. I make an agility role to see if I can grab onto the ledge. Who Can? Do and you grant the land, and you're good and again remember you're a thousand thousand Mario. Your Mario Mario Aria Mark Mario stops. because of this. Because of this when bowser grabs onto your legs to keep from falling into.

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