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Valentine a sort of Santa Claus Character Leaves Candy and small gifts on their doorsteps but Valentine's Day isn't recognized by everyone in the world in fact in Belga road Russia public. Valentine's Day festivities Are banned a decision made by the local government with the Archbishop's blessing the reason spiritual security this cryptic yet. Fearful rationale seems to condemn the more promiscuous connotations of the day. The Victoria's secret aspect if you will flirtation seduction sex. It isn't a far fetched observation. When you consider the licentious origins of Valentine's Ballantine's Day trace it back far enough and you'll arrive at Lupercalia Lupercalia? Upper Calia was an ancient Roman feast held from February thirteenth to fifteen and it honored a twisted myth. According to legend Raya a Demi Goddess was forced to become a celibate priestess by her wicked uncle. King a Mulia. He had killed Hill Dreyer's father and wanted to ensure that no heirs would usurp his throne but Raya soon became pregnant with twins. Some mm says the father was a god either Mars or Hercules but according to the Roman historian Livy Raya had conceived after being brutally raped. Raya pleaded with King Mulia to be merciful to her unborn children but nothing could move her uncle's cold old heart as soon as her twins. Romulus and Remus were born king. mulies or that they be drowned. mm-hmm fortunately a servant took pity on the two brothers. He hid them in a basket in the forest which was soon discovered by a female wolf. She carried the twins to her cave where she raised them. Romulus and remus eventually slew their evil uncle then. They founded the the city of Rome near the cave where they grew up while the story of a wicked king trying to kill his nephews seems rather rather dark. It was also the origin story of Rome and the Romans honored this strange history. During Lupercalia. The festival was named in honor of the she wolf or Lupu. Who saved the two brothers as well as blue pair? Coups God of sheep deep fertility. It was a time of purification which the ancient Romans believed would lead to better crops and healthy babies and it was bizarre. The party began on Palatine Hill inside the wolf's cave priests known as the Lewke made animal sacrifices sacrifices goats to symbolize sexuality and dogs for fertility. The bloody sacrificial knife was then wiped onto the foreheads. Or heads of two naked Lewke next. It was washed off with a strip of wool soaked in milk while both priests laughed Tis directly this grotesque ceremony was followed by a giant feast after which the the drunk loop ran naked through the fields of Rome. They held strips of bloody goat hides which were thought to make the crops more abundant next the nude priests turned their attention to the Roman females. They rushed through the streets slapping any woman in their path. With the Rhoskins the ladies welcomed the whippings believing it would increase their fertility. Now they were ready for the main attraction mating mating on the first evening of Lupercalia unmarried women would place their names in a jar for bachelors to draw from the resulting couples participated in erotic games and they stayed together for the duration of the three day festival. These matches often ended in marriage marriage and of course Roman babies. Well we don't know specifically what Sensual Games would happen during Lupercalia we do you know. The ancient Romans were not afraid of their sexuality orgies. Underage sex and all sorts of scandalous behavior may have been permitted to our modern. Is this scene would have been shocking. Lupercalia may be the earliest version of Valentine's Day. But it's a far cry from the holiday. We recognized now. Candy hearts and love notes have long since replaced animal sacrifices and random the matchmaking nonetheless the colors red and white reminds us of the blood and milk from Lupercalia rituals and of course the theme of matrimony has endured throughout history but what really cemented February fourteenth in history is the tale of one man. Saint Valentine.

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