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To the shows that are really great over and over again and go back to the archives and look up similar shows by the same artist that he has on all you have to do is go to our website right at the top of the navigation bar it's as coast insider click that sign up and you are a member of the fun club stem cell technology doing amazing things and now they're just giving it away the best skin of your life starts here stem cells are now playing an important role in the look of your skin Dr Nathan Newman has been seeing many Hollywood celebrities and top athletes for years and this encouraged him to develop a stem cell based product for the rest of us luminous works wonders on the appearance of skin fine lines wrinkles and more doctor Newman explains unique severity of luminous is the culmination and the synergistic effect of AB T. to Honduras antioxidants antique like Asians the vitamins the sun protection and the moisturizers they work together we sent our products out to third parties to get confirmation of the fact that he can work scientifically so they tested it using the latest technology that we have in terms of measuring wrinkles and pigment they showed us that eighty seven and a half percent of the people showed improvement in the ring calls for pigments fox we had more than fifty percent improvements what's amazing to me is when they ask would you recommend this to your family would you recommend this to your friends hundred percent recommended to their families and friends so that's.

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