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The doctor of discernment teams of on the year expecting it oh seven commonsense no prescription require you know the world for your lip over your hand this is not dealt leetch seven minutes man simply planning one adrian for david lee the reigning we did richard jack the cream on in advance the seattle one week today seven one way patrol wieters do and they are station that the they just later you get drew brees that are that are there in in steve him in the capital especially during the legislative session providing a security for london careers and so representative larry wroten to hit the hit the emergency but yesterday in setting talk about five minutes for them to respond and you just her jerick reporting on this i'm saying he thought that maybe it would be a little bit faster you said he clocked a response time a close to find minutes at a time when every second colts these are prevented the high would patrol colonel craig price said that they had they actually word notified properly notified with than twenty five seconds back division of the of the alarm said soon right after notification the supervisor look to the video monitoring system for the rumor the alarm of been pressed and said that there was a play in a plainclothes in arm state trooper that were already in the room no i'm urgency appeared to be taking place then but they did say and another uniformed officer just to be sure well that's all takes place in the backdrop of the debate over whether or not well makers should be allowed to carry and whether in fact carrier is over then hit of an enhanced carry pistol per met this would be more than just a regular concealed you know i can still carry permits but actually have ian against carry permits there's a bill that would allow those will begin he has carry permit to bring concealed weapons into the capital in peer and this was being debated him committee yesterday and i'm one committee a pro bowl will continue its way through the legislature want to bring.

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