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Jimmy Oxford will play it to a broad re Ghez back to the near side for Oxford. Now, Rodriguez Sending it to the near side in and that goes off of New Mexico Throw in here. For Colorado Springs, Tristan Hodge, right in front of his own bench. It's an Iranian Argueta now over to Michael Edwards. Work the far sideline with Sebastian Andersson Andersson to Galina right back to Anderson. Approaching the 40th minute down in our Kirky 11 our score. Played in the middle for Thomas. Among stays on his feet. What strength by Thomas among plays this one up to meet you, Galina Galina, with some defenders on him dribbles away. Now two defenders on him. His past, tapped away by New Mexico United Ball loose now and Mexico will just send this all the way down field, just clearing it out. It will end up being a goal kick for Eva Rodriguez. Terrific job by Thomas among on that last sequence, took some contact but was able to stay on his feet and deliver a pass to meet you, Galina. Yeah, great strength from Thomas, among also great vision as well. Once he got up, he is going to be whistled here for offside. But brilliant play from Thomas, among once again can see him getting more and more confident that switchbacks jersey Making it hard. On Brandon Burke. To decide who to put in there. We've seen Thomas among In the starting lineup a lot lately to shame Beckford coming off the bench. That's not the case tonight, both of them playing together, and that's one thing you have to balance like the shame back furred started off. Like gangbusters. It was terrific for the switchbacks, and then he started struggle. Thomas, among showed up played well moved to shame Beckford to the bench, Brandenburg said. He handled it like a complete pro. Knowing. That he would still be able to impact games and helped the team win. But tonight both guys in the starting 11 along with Mitchy, Galina and Haji Berry, Should make the switchbacks team all the more dangerous. New Mexico. With possession in their own end. All.

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