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It had it in a nice way or it's just like now well it depends I mean if you're good at what you do it's a it's an endearing term it's not it to insult okay ready kitchens days definitely is not the other one for sure I'd say I yeah I'd say kitchens is Jon Gruden to meet head or now mean nice he's now he's just psycho yeah a cycle football guy that's what I was why Big Daddy he comes across as the meat head football coach though right like he's all in all the time I can you know the day didn't like telling stories a call them one of my guys Packer one call them like at four o'clock in the morning it said yeah I called before clock in the morning he answers the phone goes you up to yeah yeah this good time to talk man yeah there's not as many I mean I think that okay they went to a different direction the NFL you know they I think that meat head coach things sort of like a Morris ball it's it's it's for the face the French I don't know her own dog Marone meet at head coach yeah is that former often job Mike for able yeah he is he's a post pointed a coach Matt Patricia scene seems like he should be a meat head head coach but then you are in doubt he's like a rocket scientist right yeah deceptive Vic Fangio oldschool meathead Hey old school old school meathead yeah a dog breeders it's got the biggest head yeah right Sean McDermott I think is he's a little bit in between tough guy but smart football guy not quite meet head he's like bagel boss coach is like group you know Ron Rivera yeah casing Gruner like how the same same clone a runner there should be but I also think he's really sharp so I wouldn't go as far as meat head coach for them Hey so ID cliff Kingsbury shaman phase Matt le floors Zach Taylor's there all right one young young male model yeah like looks yes almost the whole NFC west right Shanahan Kingsbury and make a day like that's like a boy band corrals another category right but is it a boy band yeah yeah like thin guys with facial hair but just enough that it's not unruly but very well trimmed conscious of how their hair loss yeah I use wiretap the Tricia's part it's part smarts import meathead this is good that big old beard he's got the the pants all coming out of the year the whole thing was always wearing black to to hide his fat you know that's a move then I would I know far too well I got a matinee he's one of those guys that yeah he's a part of that boy band group is a yeah maneki yeah sure I used to compare mad Maggie I'm sorry I think like where do you put Mike Zimmer hi he's movies leans meathead but not for me that like in the Rivera mold maybe yeah right right that same category role yeah like half half meet you know half meet there's no injuries one of them now well what's Bella check she's like coming out to a slew cuts a call sleeves off of his sweat writer Landry with that happens through the whole thing yeah I noticed that about Adam bone he cut the sleeves off his when I say Adam but Adam yeah I know he's got the sleeves off his gesture to strange may sense I don't know strive channel tele check or some kind of portray a savage maybe there I don't know what is the point of that really I don't know you know look up the sleeves office watcher what's the point where T. shirt if you too warm right like I don't understand all right we have John Flaherty coming up next the final report.

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