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A positive motel some of things are up to yeah i just got back from asia i i was just the elephants on it was amazing uh experienced or is it in um began mian maher and saw the temples two thousand could go to a if i took your instagram to a mental institution i could probably have you committed you're eating plants and you're right none elephants in the and in my wife uh i'm just put in my life but this like you'll it over like thousands of miles of you were like a nine continents it's the grim was the last few months and the and the e e eating beans and plants and vegetables and all that stuff all that killed two every day for the rest of my life i have a big stake it'll be good for the juicy steady okay well don't get mad an expert revis you do that i thought dead animal it will follow tambora holder on twitter and instagram and all that go to our website camera holder dot com and a lot of good stuff going on and thanks for being with us all luck a take care or check out our webpage golota good stuff up there of the this is the greatest question ever about sunglasses and it's very funny you gotta watch this the most important question about sunglasses if you bought a pair buying appear lost appear watch this oh also it said we'll come back a year ago to what happened back then watch this election night this is the this is a great collage of the most upset liberals crying over donald trump when winning gets very funny what's his george hamilton give you a little lesson in how to be much smoother in life had an idol act more smooth look smoother cooler it's often web page go to 710 w o r dot com then go over to the mark simone page dragging just go to 710 w o r dot com slash mark 710 w o r dot com.

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