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Was like yes. Yes yes, to, and then he says. He's like Oh. I just love how immediately that doesn't work to think like, isn't it? The next scene birdies like. No No. No difference. No difference and then you basically just cutting to them at Stapleton's house. Where like well, the decision is no more store. It's too real. That is such a real thing, though like raising money for a cause and everyone getting fully around it, and getting so into it, and giving all their money, and it doesn't make a difference because a year later they're the same issue or nothing has changed. The economy hasn't changed like the situation hasn't changed, so it's just like. It is, it is actually a truly like a very compact lesson in that where it's like everyone's willing to rally around and does really care cannot focus their entire lives around saving this business that is no longer a business that can stay alive, and it's like ours are who's like I need to promote my book of course to do it at Fox books like that's more readers, right? There's a very earned. Earned cynicism and sort of lake, honest cynicism to the idea that S. oh, everyone loves the emotional idea. This store existing, but also everyone loves saving money on books and being able to get a coffee at the same time. As much as they're invested the idea of shop around the corner, they can opt turned on the convenience of Fox. Yeah, and just the idea that twenty two years on we miss borders. We love those Barnes and nobles that are still standing..

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