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Large by president John bigness be says he shocked that a good day for the city when the police commissioner was on specially one it's been a pretty good working relationship with us and got along well with the community and overall cool guy was a classmate of mine you know if the things we could work out behind the scenes we worked out and it was never personal sublimation make Nesby grise waited with Ross from the police academy and did speak with him briefly by phone and said the commissioner was quiet but normal he says the union would likely have a bit of a say in who they would like as a leader of the police department but he hopes that someone who has the cops back like he said Ross did Kristin Johannsen KYW news radio parking rates will be going up at center city lots owned by the Philadelphia parking authority whose increases approved yesterday's board meeting Hey what about you city hall bureau chief Pat lobe reports the board also approved hiring a private investigator to look into to hacking attempt late last year and early this year there were numerous attempts to get cars out of the parking authorities impoundment lot with fake credit card numbers attorney Dennis will this as it turned out the authority was just part of a larger scheme in the FBI has now taken over the investigation in the meantime he says a new threat arose when a payroll employee was directed to divert a check by an email that seem to be from an authority officials from fortune we have the secret service in here about six months before that to do training on exactly this type of thing and we were specifically trained to actually pick up the phone and call the person make sure they requested it and through that which prevented board also voted to raise rates at seven lots near Jefferson the gallery family court and independence mall by about a dollar an hour Pat lobe KYW newsradio for today you guys to more exports.

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