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Sponsored by peden air conditioning plumbing electrical here is just actually everyone had a fantastic weekend we saw mainly dry conditions for our sunday hence the reason why they're so many people out on pensacola beach today and it was hot check out this view from our hearts speech cam on top of south harbor condos highs topped out in the low to mid nineties but it felt like the one hundred's all day long we had so much moisture in the air and pensacola topped out at ninety four degrees are normal for this time of year is eighty seven degrees ninety five for fort walton beach and destin temperatures now are still very mild in the seventies and even in the eighties eighty two degrees in destin eighty in pensacola seventy five degrees in milton now we do have win starting to shift out of the north when that happens we know that we have some drier air moving in all associated with cold front that is why we're seeing such strong storms moving in right now ahead of the actual cold front and then we'll zoom out and we'll show you the big picture so the actual cold front is still little ways to the north west one set moves to the southeast and it's going to bring some drier air relatively speaking check out the do points across the southeast memphis do point at fiftysix sixty nine still in jackson however that north wind will begin to filter in some drier air making things a little more comfortable but in the meantime we do have to deal with some stormy weather more so for southwest alabama and i'll zoom in and show you what the big picture really is just south of theodore dolphin island seeing a lot of a gusty winds and some lightning with this over fifty five hundred strikes of lightning just within the last thirty minutes and heading.

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