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Drew drew brees. What a night for him markets? We're going to get back to him in just a moment. Take some calls about him. Stand the line. If you're on the line if you want to join call the show one eight eight eight say espn. That's that's one eight. Eight eight seven nine three seven seven six but for now I want your solution to the Cleveland browns. And in case you missed it you were living under a rock. But Freddie kitchen kitchen said he didn't care about his job and now he says he does. Cream hunts come out and said hey not everybody gave us one hundred ten percent and like Kareem Hunt. It's been on the team. For what like eight seconds and hasn't really even been that big of a part of the team but he's over there tattling on everybody. What are your thoughts on how they can get this thing? Fixed six listened there. There has to be so the one. I'm a common denominator Guy Right. Jimmy has LEM has been owner for the Cleveland Browns in this tumultuous emotionless run Twenty twenty took over the team. Twenty twenty twenty in a few weeks right coaches quarterbacks drafting and and look this is the first year I wanNA give John Dorsey credit the general manager for the Cleveland Browns for acquiring talent but also want to discredit him for Mehanna coach. That wasn't ready and I don't like you. You hit a record. Baker Mayfield stood on the table for kids. It was like I wanted this guy or whatever. How the hell do you get that kind of power as a guy that's won seven games and in NFL and like he was their number one pick in the draft but he was a rookie else? As you know have no juice like that right to make that type of decision. So here's what you do now. This is this is the I'm a U.. Marat Love Josh Josh. Josh Laura's US shoutouts Asia Mana bullheaded and they don't want to accept some times times when they've like delegated wrong power this is. This is one of those situations where John Dorsey has. The look in the mirror and say forty kittens wouldn't have got his role and what he was in was good for the Cleveland Browns but the head coaching role is not good for him right. I'm one of the upper management guys like I I. I'm going to go to. I'm going to go straight to the owner. You're talking about Jerry Jones. You're talking about general manager. All of that. I'm going to go straight down. Say what are your deficiencies there. Before I get today it goes. The is the head coach in in a good situation to do his job at a high level right now for all intents and purposes Freddie Kitchens was set up to sixty Georgia's Landry Odio Brooker Beckham and joke. Who even even with the injury one talented? I mean. Olivia Livio observe the talent that they have accumulated in Cleveland. You know how about the quarterback spot Baker Mayfield is going to be elite generational quarterback I. I just felt that way I hate. I hate saying that because it sounds like it's personal it's not evaluating football through my eyes. I could be a hundred percent wrong. I've been wrong about players before four hundred percent wrong. We two three years from now. Sandbag may feel is in the compensation for League. MVP that may be the case. I just don't see that right now. No and you've got to think that in order for us to get to that point if we were to get to that point. You've got to see different coach there. I wonder now I wonder now if Baker Baker Mayfield if no one was looking if he was just sitting there analyzing the whole thing and I'm sure he's done this because Baker a little bit. He's probably done this. Would he stand hand on the table for Freddie kitchens anymore and look Freddie was the guy that when Baker was kind of speaking too much which has been came out and said Oh no no. That's fine. Hi My quarterback. Did that no at that point. Freddie should've said No. We don't need to be doing that. We don't need to be talking too much. That sound you hear. Is Marcus slamming his head against the microphone. Because has what else can you do right now with this huge problem. It's mind boggling to me that this quick to ordain culture that we a an NFL. Now it could be me as I say that to you all the time. It could be my old school values of how you earn your position the League and on a team and how you continue to work to give yourself the ability to speak out right young players imaginary. Don't don't make decisions. They don't have enough juice to say. This should go this way or that should go. That way is just never existed in my experience and I'm based on all of the guys that I came up with you. Earn your right to stand in front of a team. That's all you're you're right to to to have conversations with front office fist people. You're you're right to have a direct land to the head coach. All of this stuff is earned and I know is different. When you draft a quarterback number one overall you want to give him some certain things things and make sure? He's in the situation where he feels like. He's a part of the process. But I've seen Sean Payton challenge drew brees even now Elliott. I've seen bill belichick and Tom Brady challenge each other even till now like your head coach when you're a rookie can't be your cheerleader. I wonder when this started to change a a little bit. Because it feels like an and look it feels like it started to change and it's happening with like one team. Although you do see more people speaking out maybe than they would have in the past. I think that's a theme. It's fine it's fine but there are codes. That don't need to be broken when you speaking out. Yeah Kareem Hunt. Don't say everybody wouldn't give one hundred ten percent saying I don't even know how you get that I don't even know how your brain allows you to get to that point publicly. Say No nothing doing it. Just put an indictment over one hundred people in your building. News let you in Allegra where everyday when Baker Mayfield go back to this when Baker Mayfield spoke on. Do Johnson's if if you win issue with us if you ain't you ain't doll. This is a contract situation like this is not. This has nothing to do with you. I would love to do just also the bill because he talented in the answer. Will Freddie Kitchens still be the head coach in Cleveland next no OK and here's my next question because I figured you'd say no because I don't know how you could say yes at this point despite any confidence that's been alluded to from the front office here. Is it still a good the job in and in asking that I want to know. Do we think that this team still has all this talent next year. Do they keep Odell Beckham Junior. Do they keep Jarvis. Landry very feels like Nick Chubb should be there. Obviously Baker is going to be there but that job only that good of a job if all those guys are still depends like we saw all we saw Mak- face Patrick Forces way out of Miami. We saw a B- Forces way out of Pittsburgh and Oakland We we know ooh players now in the. NFL are trying to like own their situation. Like begging you got enough juice to facilitate getting not a cleveland. Really quick on him. I think it's interesting that we don't hear that much from him. Like why is that because because sometimes your silence silence speaks so much louder than you have like oatmeal. First of all is making sure that the media doesn't drive his narrative which I appreciate about him because he's been burned a lot by things that he said and been taken out of context. Understand it from that standpoint. But the Odell Beckham we know beyond my personal knowing him in running into him. I don't know him personally like a lot of guys around Lsu. But I know I've had conversations with him before the the the silence to me. He tells me that it's not even worth it. And in the last thing he wants is for perspective other team that would come and get him to you think. Oh Oh Dell's out there talking they would rather let let me just get this guy. Let's let the talent speak for itself. Okay much more to come on the browns. But I do want to get to some phone phone call here. Marcus fears. Laura Rutledge. Were filling in on the Stephen. A Smith Show. You can get into this conversation by calling us. It's eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six six. And let's go to Travis in New Hampshire Marcus. He wants to talk about drew. brees of Travis. Take it away. So I'm I congratulate Relate swaggie losing the weight you're looking good man I appreciate. They'd be home shade that otherwise. I WanNa talk about the top quarterback of all time and honestly I see it as like Brady. Then you gotta go Montana Lynn Breeze Manning and then maybe elway or Aikman five I but What do you what do you think about that? I don't have an issue with Pain Montana I do have a issue with brees been before Peyton and I think it's because we have a little recently bias of what we just saw drew brees do do. It doesn't take away from drew brees greatness. But here's the thing that I pol. Here's a question that I posed when we have an greatness conversation especially in football because there's difficult we have greatest player great quarterback whatever. We're doing all the time one hundred list right now in the NFL. All of that stuff so there are a lot of context today conversation conversation. I don't think we've ever considered drew brees a best quarterback in the NFL during his High Ha. Maybe I'm wrong. Some people probably have. That's why I said the the conversation can get convoluted based on how you feel about drew brees but I know we we know we say a payment was the best for a long time. I know we say that I know painting won't has won five. MVP's to drew's none done. I know Peyton was also among the conversation for being one of the greatest football players ever. We never had that conversation. Nation about drew brees. So it's not a knock because we see the numbers we see where drew brees is doing but also this this is my tough part about stats situations can give you stats situations. Can Bill your resume numbers wise. That says hey. This guy is one of the greatest. Now I'm I'm not saying that to take anything away from drew breeze. I just don't think we ever had a conversation about drew. brees being the best when Peyton and Tom was even in the league right so hard for me to say that all of the stats despite all of these numbers that would make you say to your point that would make you say A. Wow I mean every every time another number comes out about drew brees. Whether it's you broke a record or whether it's just saying hey look. This is what else he's done. It's like man that's shocking so good and then I always always look myself in the mirror and say why do I think that shocking. Because I should think I should already know that I should already know though doing that. And it's just something about him. Which is why I I mean? Look he was wearing like the Jordan shirt underneath his blazer last night the outfit not so sure about it was it was growth in low rough. But he's I mean why do he knew that he was going to break that. No doubt he knew he's going to have that post game press conference. He knew he was gonNA wear that shirt. And part of all this I think is because all of us and I just admitted being guilty of it. We probably don't give him the credit that he deserves deserve based on the stats alone. No doubt ails. But you can't do you. Can't we have history of of not basing it on stats alone right if we base NBA on stats along Kareem. abdul-jabbar is degraded salvo. Right if we base. WHO's the best running back? emmitt Smith we know people people think Berry or wants or Jim Brown is the greatest running backs ever. So that's why I say sometimes stats can get in the way of a legit conversation about. WHO's the best right like we saw project that Bo Jackson would have been the best if one talk catastrophic injury Bo Jackson even on close to having the numbers that the running backs I mentioned before? So that's my point withdrew and there's not a knock those guys. I think a lot of times fans get emotional about it and they think you're trying to disrespect the player. No you've got to be obese to accumulate those type of numbers but also so we start having greatest ever when we started numbering you and putting you in positions of the Lore of the NFL. You got to have alf something else outside the statistics right and because statistics are a part of it. But you have to have those moments you gotTa have those individual accolades rainbows rings like is this a lot of things that go into so when we're talking about great all time you gotta think Tom Brady and when we come back back. We're talking about what Tom Brady would look like if he had some of the weapons that drew brees has why everything that happened last night with drew. brees made us think think about Brady. Stephen Smith show presented by progressive. Marc Spears and Laura Rutledge filling in. Just what you're in the middle of a Stephen a Smith Show podcast cast. What's up the Stephen Smith show is being brought to you live from Pier? Seventeen presented by chase Laura Rutledge and Marcus spears..

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