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Watch the first way when wait i stayed for the watching beat matt's muncie i stayed for the entire first round i went home and stayed up and watched him bj more stayed stayed on you weren't of our off washington dwellers pt agno is in girls in today's episode manny machado may be on the move levian bell betting on himself and the sixers try to swipe the architect of the rock we begin today with bryce harper's triumphant display in the home run derby he hit nine home runs and forty seven seconds to tie kyle schwarzer you boyd's right he's will you see in the elevator lived in your building and i'll vita in extra time however some mad pies chirping at harper's father who was pitching him broke the rule by pitching to quick well by the okay with harper's dad bending the rule if he didn't know the rule before this morning i don't care about the rule is the home run damn derby okay that's right by the way by the way it yesterday he would fury so much by saying this was going to change bryce harper's entire yes context and i believe that's if in october if they go out in the first round people gonna say it's okay to go out because he wanted a home road no that's not my thing you know what yesterday you said there was no pressure to all on here done but me my new boy mark teixeira said that all in the world shaun harper did he put out there last night in a big moment it wasn't on biggest names run derby dig moment big stage came through last ops killed the ball and by the way so did schwarzer sorted max muncie so to reese because they told me time tests heart it may be your mind it is it is i believe it does this might do i believe it erases the entire first half of the season where he batted two fourteen i believe it puts them into play we're a four hundred million dollar contract i believe it makes the second half of the season the only product down to keep this clip please use it to battle you about the head heap every day for the rest of the year and you say junk about exhibitions and football condition it's an estimate gave it don't add because it was in washington dc's he is still five and a half games behind the filly innisfail brave doesn't mean jack he's going to stay if they're missed the playoffs the manner in care of aiming hand put a bandana around his head with the dc flag on it everything he said revitalize the debate as to whether he would stay he would go and the people in the city now clam is big night turn to my son last night and said you know what tony kornheiser ankle tony's going to do he's gonna blather on about this like his big radial jackson three in october and he's going to do that big deal and once again big dad by the way none your happy was right because swore was eliminated so he didn't have to hit more home runs and ruin his second half i'm glad because short can be angry when he comes back in here and eliminates the nationals like last year and that i'm happy that catching i'm looking forward to by the way harper was great i it was was it was it was no pressure on him that's absurd i talked to tax manny machado news maybe bob nightingale usa.

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