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Nightmares before we move off of Cain. Here's Craig Burley on ESPN NFC talking after the game he was pretty strong with how he felt about it. Kane didn't do anything wrong but he didn't do much right? It clearly wasn't fair and the five to inject pace into the game it pays Liverpool Denton having this occasion. Lookers Mora, the hat trick. Hero, semifinal was on the bench. I actually think that was week my and Portugal's had say credits aged. Yeah. I thought that was weak management from Portugal. He he got hung onto the. F. Hirees. Hari staus brigade. The only reason I, I can't fully disagree with what he's saying, because look hindsight, is what it is. We all watched what happened out there. And Harry Caine was totally ineffective so okay, like he's right. But I just have to feel like in all the training leading up to the game. Like I love Craig, he's one of our favorite guys, they have on the show, but he like he wasn't there to see what Kane looked like in training, Pocchettino. So for him to just say puch Tino got caught up in the if he's fit he plays. We'll positives been watching in training for the last however many weeks, he like I don't, I don't know if that's totally fair indictment to put on pockets where he got swept up in the media. Attention of it. We are we going to level the San Mikey's Asian that Jurgen Klopp who played Roberta for me? No won't manage your soul. These guys and decided that they were fit enough. The problem is for me. There was three weeks of just training. They didn't have any games. There was nowhere to test anything on on so. So you're just going in with what you've seen in five sites. Six aside seven asides, whatever they do in, in training situations, which is never never a good are accurate barometer for match-fitness. So then the game started and I said on the podcast, the other day, and I had no idea quite how prophetic the words would be the Mike Tyson, quote, everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth, who would have ever thought that, that punch would occur within the first forty seconds of the match whatever plan taught them head or Liverpool had a handball in the box, forty seconds in goal for Liverpool all the sudden in the second minute, they're up one nil. Like those plans were now like crumple up in a ball and throw them out in the trash like everything changes in that moment. Two minutes into the game now we know Liverpool like fast starts, but, but that was ridiculous. And I mean, everything went downhill after that, really that was the most frenetic, energetic moment of the. Game probably outside of the last few minutes. Didn't you think after it happened? So obviously, I couldn't have been more despondent in that moment. Right. But like if you were a neutral watching, you might have been like, okay. Forty seconds in chaos second minute goal. We are in for what is going to be a wild ninety minutes of this is going to open up. It's going to be a class like oftentimes that early goal is just like okay. Here comes chaos. Lay Totten we're going to push forward. They have to score now. We can't get ill nil. Get into extra-time goals need to happen. And it just it just wasn't now before we get to the rest of it. Let's talk about the handball decision it self because it was clearly it's the most controversial moment of the of the game. And one of the more controversial moments of the entire Champions League season. I think he would have to say..

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