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Anaheim. They're actually playing in Anaheim opening week is what Thursday opening day. Thursday's opening day. How many games are on? There's a lot of games. I checked earlier. There's a lot of games on Thursday. Really? It's pretty good. A lot of day games on the east coast to it'd probably about thirty five forty degrees for some of them. So now bad opening up on March, twenty eighth smart ideas. Feeding that's a bad decision. Right. I think it's a really bad decision. It's a good concept. They're trying to give the teams more days off during the season. But honestly, it's poor execution starting on March twenty eighth at just is poor execution. We have a late night tweet from one of your favorites. What do we of course, the notorious Conor McGregor? Zimbabwe's someone else wins like Anthony Showtime bettas he has to stick his nose that and say, hey, you're just like me now. Congratulations. I don't think this has anything to do. I don't know who this is directed at or four. But hey, guys quick announcement. I've decided to retire from the sport formerly known as mixed martial arts today. I wish all my old colleagues. Well, going forward and competition. I now join my former partners on this venture already in retirement, proper pinochle. Lot is on me, fellas. So does that mean whiskey in your pinochle? Know, apparently, which is sounds terrible. I don't believe any of the day. You know, don't. So he's retiring, and he's done this moldable times. Sure. I mean, it's I don't know who he's trying to take a shot. I wish my old colleagues. Well, going forward and competition I will now. Join my former partners on this venture already in retirement. So he's basically saying somebody has already been retired from doing is what he's saying. I don't know who he's taking a shot at I'm not too up on the game. What do you think my via? What is this? Some kind of crossword puzzle. I got to figure out how to me sounds like he's just saying I'm going to join all these other guys have retired and just doing their thing now. But I don't believe it. I mean, why is he doing this whole tour through the US right now with proper twelve if he retires that publicity goes away. So there's no way he's retiring right now in his prime. I can't wait to see him fighting and lose. Jimmy Fallon if he's going to just go out and Jimmy Fallon. I tweeted earlier it was on there tonight. Bottle of proper twelve whiskey on it. Drinking karaoke together for some segment or whatever really is very everybody who it'd be responding to this and the the I guess the community is pretty much saying, sure, sure, sure, whatever the same responses mafele, whatever J in DC or on CBS sports radio. Thanks for taking my call big guy. Hey. Course, mafia, I'm trying to figure out some rail. Maybe you can help me. How to do? Dr that game. I mean when they about three point win don't they survive and win don't they win the same old story like? Suggest you know, like my whole life. My dad went to do great. So my whole life. All I've ever heard about is is Duke. I've been hearing about dude so much. I I heard about dude so much. I went to Indiana. Okay. So like, I just can't stand him to say, you know. And I don't care if anybody thinks they're either my dad went there. He loves Duke. I don't I know it is what it is. I'm not a fan of them. I think it's over exposure to that makes me sick. You know what I mean? It's like to me every single college basketball season is about Duke, right? And no one else is that about right? I mean, North Carolina barely gets a scratching snap. You know? What I mean? They they get nothing who else gets attention Kentucky. Obviously do Kentucky Kansas. I I have to put North Carolina there. And North Carolina. Michigan state in Michigan. Right. And that's it. There's yeah. There's for the most part that's probably just about cover LSU is because they had the season. They had the only reason they're nowhere near same. Ever mentioned Houston. Now. None of the Minoan doesn't matter. What you do you take? It went thirty game. They don't mention them either. They know, but they always Matt Jenkins at the five or six that they that that are constantly mentioned. So I get sick and tired of it. It's just I'm so sick and tired of just the constant every games on national television. They're all that matter. I was watching sports center today. When I got the lady said they was Hannah storm. Don't worry. We got tons of Duke highlights coming up, and that's after they just showed eight minutes of them. So then showed like, eight minutes of Duke. And then they said we got more coming of do get a little bit. Just give us another twenty minutes, and a double commercial teasers will come back and give you more Duke. I just can't take it. It just never ends. Just it's like Duke TV's on TV I get sick and tired of it. And then to see a team play him like that. And you know, have him by the throat and to see that lay-up mass. And then that tip follow that seemed like it rolled around on a for five minutes and fall out. It just made me wanna vomit. I mean, it really did like I, and you know, it's even worse as my son is a Duke fan. So my father has brainwashed him. So now, he's a Dookie and he wants to go to do which I don't even know where I'll come up with the money for that. Because that's a fleecing isn't it to go to Duke, isn't that about sixty grand a year. I mean, I'm going to go broke just thinking about it. I mean, just thinking about it makes me I need therapy, Anita shrank, if my son goes there, and then I got to listen to the half of the rest of my imagine just coming now. I can't take it. In fact, I swear to God and praying on everything I have that North Carolina meets him in the final and beats them. I mean, I literally am on. I'm on my hands and knees praying at night that that it's North Carolina did. Please. I know. It sounds crazy isn't North Carolina. Playing Auburn that's a team. That's very dangerous right now that might be able to beat them. Texas tech. I think has a shot at them because you know, I thought they had a shot against them when they played them at the garden right had about a throat and slip through their fingers. I feel horrible for my dad 'cause he's got like, you know, little action going with the dementia thing going, and so I didn't think he knows they're in it. Like, he's the watches turn wherever you're live for any. Call me all day and harass me with Duke phone calls and just harassment Mavi remembers he'd call me and just leave him messages one after the next about Duke. Now, he doesn't even know they're in it. He doesn't even know it sucks for me to see him that he doesn't remember any of it or know any of it. It's crazy. I would that diseases doing the people Alzheimer's, and dementia is the worst absolute worst. It really is. I don't know. What's worse that cancer addiction? I really I can't keep up with all of it. Here we go. Let's get an update. And now that I've depressed all of you. Here's Jay Berman. Sports flash dotty, we'll begin to the NFL the two thousand nineteen season will officially open on Thursday September fifth with the Packers and bears in Chicago. A slight change from years past when the defending Super Bowl champs would host that game. Instead the champs. The patriots will be part of the Sunday night match up in week number one one other note, the jets have resigned linebacker, Brandon Copeland from the college game to Georgia BULLDOGS. Football players facing misdemeanor. Disorderly conduct charges after they were arrested following an incident at a downtown Athens, Georgia bar early Sunday morning. We are senior receiver Tyler Simmons and freshman.

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