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His radio, extendable determinist showers and thunderstorms 82. Right now. For Lauderdale, 81 in Hialeah. It's 12 O'clock, GOP led Senate Judiciary Committee having the votes to advance the nomination of Supreme Court pick Amy Cockney barrel to the full Senate for a vote next week. Democrats, though, boycotted the process and were no shows members. Replacing photos in their seats of Americans, they say will suffer if the Supreme Court nullifies the affordable care act. Case goes before the Supreme Court A week after the election, Barrett could be the deciding vote. ABC is Terry Moran says. The whole process marks a big change from the past. Up until 2017 senators could. Filibuster could insist that the Senate vote with 60 votes to confirm a Supreme Court justice and that forced people to talk to each other. Democrats blew it up for lower court justices in 2013, and then Republicans blew it up in 2017 to put Neil Gorsuch on the courts or in a different era. I'm Michelle Franzen, ABC News We're just hours away from the second and final presidential debate. The 90 minute face to face comes a day after federal officials announced Iran and Russia are trying to intimidate voters in Florida and other states, including pending emails claiming to be from the far right group, the proud boys among the six topics moderator Kristen Welker is expected to bring up his national security. But University of Miami professor David Steinberg predicts President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden will focus on different things. Number one is for Trump is going to be the economy number one for Biden is going to be the pandemic. Nearly three million Florida voters have already cast their vote by mail ballots. Air cried Regus news radio 6 10, double the Audi and will have pre debate coverage kicking off at eight o'clock tonight, right here and it w dot com Florida Department of Health reporting the highest number of new covert 19 cases in two months. 5557 new infections today, along with 57 new deaths, Another airline is saying goodbye to the promise of an open seat next to you. Months ago, United and American did away with the open middle seat. Now Southwest will be joining them. Southwest saying based on science, showing that as long as everybody is wearing a mask that it's safe. That as of December 1st. Southwest will stop promising an open seat next to passengers. Delta in Alaska Airlines say they will keep blocking little seats until at least early January. That's ABC is Alex. Stone Stimulus talks are inching forward in Washington and Florida Senator Marco Rubio's urging action. The bill on this is probably going to be higher than I wanted to be, and I'm very uncomfortable with that, and all this rain is leaving south for two completely soaked in roads near impassable in low lying areas. The excessive rain as crews in Hollywood working round the clock. To keep roads clear, but it's easier said than done, City spokeswoman Joanna's, he says. Besides using barricades, storm drains and auxiliary pumps, crews are building berms to keep water off the roads. They are digging up areas where there is no protection at all. They're adding sand and gravel to keep it all in place, and then they're putting boulders. On top of that, she says. This raises the height of the land to make roads. Passable parts of Miami Dade and Broward remain under a flood. Watch until eight o'clock tonight. When did A news radio 6 10 W Y o D gonna look a lot different for target shoppers on Black Friday this holiday, the Minneapolis based retailer announcing that it stores will only be open during its normal hours instead of for early bird doorbusters. The changes because of the pandemic target and other stores say they want to limit crowds this shopping season. Morning is coming up to 12. 30 Rush is next. I'm Natalie Rodriguez News radio 6 10 w.

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