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Had blocked the effort to postpone the election So that people would be able to cast their ballots more safely on primary day. He was being interviewed by reporters saying. Oh no no no no. This is so safe for people to vote. People's had have no worries about going to vote and he was wearing a has met suit while insane. And you know that's that's kind of the the veep level reality of some of this a lot of stuff going on. What do you expect in terms of legal battles going forward? What are people going to be reading the newspapers case? After case after case state by state as rules altered or as people try to request vote by mail with the Supreme Court getting involved. The last minute. Are we going to see a million of these? You know I. I hope not but I think there's certainly can be a lot of hand to hand legal combat between now and November. I mean things have to really happen in almost three steps first. Congress needs to step up and fund. This only the federal government has the capacity right now to provide the resources that it'll take for states to make it so that their citizens can vote. The Brennan Center did a cost analysis. We found that it would cost at least two billion dollars and actually we've looked at it some more. The numbers actually higher now Congress to its credit with the leadership of Speaker Pelosi and Senator. Schumer did get four hundred million dollars in the most recent big a stimulus bill to give to states so that they could take the steps that they wanted to take it was not a federal mandate. It was really money because you know right now. Only the federal government can print money states have these balanced budget rules and they're strapped and they're facing crises and running around the country trying to buy ventilators and only the federal government can provide these resources. But they have to do more. There needs to be a few billion dollars in these trillion dollars. Stimulus bills to help states and this is something that again. Republican as well as democratic state officials have been really urgently asking for you know the further away you get from Washington the further away you get from the Fox News. Green Room the less. Partisan this is this is something where a state election officials from what we can see have really been trying to do the right thing. They're just kind of overwhelmed. I mean y Wisconsin. Don't forget had vote by mail. They need to change. The rule is just that the system buckled under the weight of the number of people who now wanted to use it it went from something like two hundred fifty thousand people and a typical primary up to like a million and a half in one week so the next step after Congress provides the money is the states. Need to do what they need to do. And some of them need to change their rules here in New York State. There's a state constitutional provisions that made it basically impossible to vote by mail but the governor has done an executive order reinterpreting their constitutional provision so that people can but states just need to print it. They need to print up the ballots. They need to get the polling places. Set up so that people can actually use them safely and in a in a sanitary way and things like that. I guess you weren't weren't o'clock now to the the clock is ticking right. Yes absolutely this is not something that can be done overnight. And we've got basically if a few weeks to go to get the funding to the states states needs to take these steps. People need to pressure states to make sure they do it. And unfortunately it's become clear as part of this. What seems to be a kind of concerted strategy to make it harder.

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