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One thing that makes you laugh and say only Marissa's I can't think of anything that makes me laugh. Just in general, the li- life is not impressing these days. Impressive. It's just that. It's very Indian in flavor. There's lots of things you say about India, but Marissa's was governed by the British for so long for so long and the are completely separate and had a little bit more money. And so they don't have those idiocy secrecy is much anymore that I noticed they're just very it's just a pleasant place. We did run into anything that made us roller is or anything like that. Now. Now now, it's just comfortable, okay. Will end in answer the question of the predominant direction from the wind is from the east, south and northeast. So it's it's somewhere over from the east northeast to east southeast. So maybe that's what it is from the east northeast were can't Melara's is right on the tip there where the crosswind that hit when you said all the good beaches are on the west side that probably east side was going to be windier. And that means that the tip where the winds are gonna. Get through is going to be place for kite serving. So that's kind of why guess that? That was the case. And in summary. If you had to summarize Mauritius in three words what three words? Stunning. Studying one thing we haven't said we've talked about a couple of mountains in you said it's volcanic. So this is a hilly place. But for a small island a lot of topography. Let's say absolutely very hilly. It's only flat in a few areas. And no matter where you go you're going to be going up and down and around. It's so volcanic that the mountains are nice in there jagged. I guess now is a strong word, but the hills there jagged, and they're very prominent. And there's lava rocks around the areas, I'm being really as beautiful that was your first word your second word is comfortable because it's such a comfortable place to do anything whether you're walking or shopping or talking to people or eating it's just so welcoming, and then my last one this just a flavorful. Okay. I mean, I left it. So anytime you can put a Korean some doll and wrap it up a little bit of flour. No, it's good. It's still excellent. Well, our guest again, it's been Crin veil from.

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