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The Sun wasn't even up yet in northeast Florida. When did finally rise forty two year old? Ted Bundy wouldn't be Out side or alive to see it. He'd been waiting on death row for almost ten years. The smell of eggs and and buttered toast entered his spartan sell a little before five. Am Bundy's stared at the plate but didn't move to touch it. Maybe he knew that the night before just forty five minutes west. Dozens of college students had feasted in celebration of his impending pending execution one of Florida's State University's fraternities organized a cookout. It was a twisted but fitting memorial morial to the women of the Chi Omega Sorority. That bundy had sexually assaulted and killed in nineteen seventy eight but the FSU FSU. Homicides weren't all that had led Bundy to death row over a span of four years from nineteen seventy four until nineteen seventy eight. He'd assaulted and killed dozens of women across the United States. In the days leading up to his execution bundy admitted to a total total of thirty homicides though investigators suspected the number could be far higher. They feared it was likely closer to one hundred hundred whether or not Ted was privy to the numerous bundy accused that we're held across. The South is unknown but he knew the majority of the American American public welcomed his execution so he pushed away the standard steak and eggs and Hash browns spread. He'd been asked by the prison. Listen if he wanted a special meal but he declined. Instead of eating he sat staring at the walls of the nine by fourteen foot cell l.. There was nothing else to do but wait in silence. He was all prayed out his minister. Fred Lawrence had been with him past midnight right but the strident barrier of cell bars proved that there was nothing further. The methodist preacher could do for Bundy as six. AM neared food. One of the prison guards came for him. He was tasked with shaving portions of Bundy's head and right leg. The electrodes of the chair couldn't adhere into the skin. If there was too much coarse hair after that bundy changed from the prison issue jumpsuit into a monochromatic Blue Blue Shirt and pants as the clock ticked to seven. AM He was led out of his shoebox cell by his wrist shackles. The want to the execution chamber was short about ten yards. The room itself was partitioned on one side was the chair and Bundy through a hefty plexiglass window. Were forty two. Onlookers many of those who had chosen to watch the event were officials involved in the Kimberly Leach trial. She was a twelve year. Old seventh-grader Bundy had abducted and brutally killed eleven years before the air above the rows of witnesses was thick and somber. no-one stirred as Bundy was led across the joined room to a heavy wooden wooden chair next to it stood emotionless executioner. His Black Hood cloaking him in anonymity Bundy sat down. They strapped him into the chair. He locked eyes with his lawyer. James Colman through the window when the prison superintendent swung microphone onto Bundy's mouth for any final words. Bundy again looked towards his attorneys gays. He spoke evenly. Jim Him and Fred. I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends. The executioner waited until he finished speaking to place place. The last trap under Bundy's Chin as it tightened his eyes bulged. Onlookers reported that he clamped his eyes open and shot repeatedly then they covered Bundy's face with a hood before the electrode to conduct. The electricity into his body was secured award with that. The prison superintendent nodded to the executioner at seven. Oh six. AM The current connected to the chair. Her surged for sixty seconds. Two thousand volts passed from the connection points in to Bundy's body and then the current kicked off the atmosphere was tense as everyone waited for protocol to dictate. What would happen next in tandem? The chief prison Dr Frank Kill Go. And a paramedic made their final checks. The EMT monitored Bundy's weakening winning pulse before the doctor removed the hood to check his pupils ten minutes after the electric shock at seven sixteen am Dr Kilgore confirmed. Bundy was dead the prison lieutenant. Don Davis stepped forward and spoke plainly in the sentence of the state of Florida versus Theodore. Bundy has been carried out. But the droves of people waiting outside the prison mm for proof that the execution was complete wouldn't hear this upwards of a hundred lingered outside the barbed wire coils waiting for the hallmark symbol. They knew a reporter was to emerge flapping a notebook and just a few minutes later. A yellow notepad was spotted waving living in the wind outside the prison. The response from the crowd was jarring people burst into song high fiving and clapping the the hooting created an Eerie Raucous Din. Naturally as the witnesses and officials trickled out of the penitentiary doors. They met this this grisly scene. No one could disagree. That bundy was a sociopath. The events of that morning were carried out as expected. Still the delight light in death. Was Stomach. Churning coming up. We'll look at the cultural response to Ted Bundy's execution now. Now back to the story on Tuesday January Twenty Fourth Nineteen eighty-nine serial killer. Ted Bundy was executed by the electric chair in a Florida prison. The morning marked the end to an especially dark saga of American culture. As bundy's numerous victims were mourned and remembered in the years. Following his execution newspapers often returned to the affable mood. That blanketed crowds outside Florida state. I prison with all their hollering and carousing. The onlookers could have been at a carnival or festival that is if not for their various tee shirts and signs signs indicating they were present for the Friday. Some had even fashioned impromptu hats from aluminum foil to mimic the head piece is that accompanied the electric chair and more those contributing to the reverberating chorus of Burn Bundy Burn included parents with. They're young kids. Some people felt it was appropriate. It's clear that Bundy's execution served as an outlet outlet for the American public to obtain some sort of Catharsis after following the harrowing span of Bundy's crimes over a decade. Even those unaffected did by his murders wanted to see justice. They were looking for some tangible acknowledgment. That the women Bundy had brutally assaulted couldn't wouldn't be brought back the lives. He had maimed and taken. Innocent families have been wrenched into grief and forced to grapple with the results of losing in their daughters sisters or cousins. Many that attended the execution agreed. On the fact that the punishment was due to Bundy a a man who had expressed no remorse for his crimes was ushered out of the world with the same attitude in the parking lot and surrounding surrounding streets of the penitentiary. A massive crowd aired their sorrow and anger. They felt that Bundy's nearly ten years on death. Row was a grievous error after all courts had handed down three different death sentences during his numerous murder trials but the audacious attitude of not only the crowd outside the prison but the surrounding communities marked that Bundy's execution in and and of itself was not enough lightboxes outside restaurants displayed fry themed menus for that day special broadcast casts on news channels provided live video feeds of the hearst leaving the prison and turning onto the interstate towards Gainesville. One waitress Chris working at a diner down the street from the prison seemed to capture the complex mood of the day she was new to Florida and unsettled. By both the scope of Bundy's crimes and the response to his death according to The Washington Post. She spoke with a grim frankness. This this is my first one. We're from Texas. They execute a lot of people in Texas. But I've never seen a crowd like this before it kind of says something about humanity. Don't it I'm Vanessa. Richardson for for more information. On Ted Bundy check out the podcast original serial killers which dives deeper into his crimes. Today in true crime is a podcast original regional. You can find more episodes of today in true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now l. spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals. Like today in true crime for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream today in true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today in true crime in the search bar at podcast. Grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reachout on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We back with a brand new episode tomorrow tomorrow in True Crime. Today in true crime was created by Max Cutler and his par cast studios original. It is executive get it produced by Max Cutler. Sound design by Andy Weights with Production Assistance Byron Shapiro and Carly Madden this episode of today in true crime was written by Mackenzie more with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon. I'm Vanessa Richardson..

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