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Did you see the new trailer door ragnarok to sorry? I mean international in I only say that because they got Tessa Thompson. And Chris Hemsworth? And not only that. But they literally put a door joked at the end of the trailer when he's fighting the alien, and he picks up that little hammer. And he throws the in thing catches. He's doesn't incredible catch. And it's just like he even throws it like. Yeah. Like that. And shouldn't it was just like. Like, we get Chris Hemsworth is known for being door. He's been in other movies. Like, you don't have to make a Joe, and I hope they just cut that scene from the movie because I'm just like it. It's unnecessary. It was cutesy. But I'm like not at you shown it in the trailer. You've ruined the surprise for the movie, and I'm just like, I don't wanna see that. Yeah. Us cut up her. No like, Kim. Can we talk about Liam Niessen being right? Like leasing Liam Niessen awhile. Right. See this my whole thing. I don't even know why Chris Hemsworth until the Thompson in a movie, I liked them. Both both really good actors. I really enjoyed her as a what was her name in creed. D a d okay. Well, whatever the girlfriend. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who they marry NADA shit. But I really liked her. I've seen her in a few other things and I'm like I like during ragnarok. Shh. I'll just took a minute blight movie with just Liam Niessen. I know he's older. Now, I would have totally fake. Shoulder. And Tommy Lee Jones was old when he did men in black. Got a day to open his crypt up to his ass. Adam Lovie black three and he looked rough. I was kinda said that Wilson was not in this though. No, he's too busy fucking. I mean, I'm sorry. We'll get there. We'll talk about my life because I got some feels on that. But. Tessa Thompson in this the way the trailer is kind of like cut together. It almost seems like she's an alien this time because it's usually like humans and kinda sorta work with aliens, billions are actually agents per se. Right. But seeing something she's like, oh, I've been searching for you for like twenty years, and she's like trying to go through some porno thing and fence or some kinda got the feel like. Like, she was supposed to be a Will Smith character pass on kind of thing. Like, she's kid or something. So I mean that was kind of the feel that I got from that when she's like, oh, I've been searching for twenty years. Oh, why, you know, people don't know about them in black war. Yeah. But but at the same time like I said because it has shot that they show with her like trying to go through that light portal found. It's almost like she was somewhere else like she was trapped somewhere than and, but I did find it funny though, because I get where you're coming from boy as far as like how the character comes off. I think Chris Hemsworth is like the new nights. Sure. Goofy like making jokes ensure Tuesday's tacos it's nine eight which which right? That's kind of funny. You know, I was like whatever I think Christmas is a good comedic actor like sure he's been. Surprising me how funny he is. Because I two door movies serious like dourson voting in audit shitting..

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