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Next. live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jim Kane. hills according to the account of the call being released by the trump administration tried asked you cranes president Vladimir Zelinsky quote I would like you to do us a favor there's a lot of talk about Biden's son trump said telling the Lynskey that quote Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that trump told the Lenski to get in touch with his attorney Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr the account of the call confirms a reported whistleblowers complained that trump bass to foreign leader to help him gather political ammunition against a political a potential opponent in the twenty twenty election Democrats in the house are unlikely to be satisfied with the administration's version of events and are expected to continue their demands for the whistle blowers report be released to Congress Brian Naylor NPR news Washington as those impeachment maneuvers begin at the capitol president trump plans to meet with the president of Ukraine at the U. N. General Assembly in New York this afternoon. jul labs is reportedly suspending advertising for its vaping products and its C. E. O. is stepping down is as a second day of hearings gets under way on Capitol Hill looking into recent vaping related long illnesses and PR is Allison Obree reports investigators still don't know the cause of the vaping related outbreak that is sent hundreds of people to the hospital with severe breathing problems and often flu like symptoms CDC officials say reports of more cases are coming in every day the outbreak comes at a time of serious concern about the wider vaping epidemic among young people and the federal government is considering a ban on flavored E. cigarettes also appearing before the house subcommittee health officials from Michigan and Massachusetts two states that have recently imposed bans on the sale of vaping products Alison Aubrey NPR news Washington put.

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