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Yeah the contracts that that the given the quarterbacks here or at least reportedly giving a quarterback's here this off season there that's a lot of money and you're right of cordell you know with a lot of money comes a lot of expectation but i think expectations would be high for the vikings even without a big name order back because of how good this roster is guiding with mike watt show from the vikings entertainment network mike now that the team has a player they believe is a franchise quarterback in kirk cousins who's the next free agent they're going to need to take care of down the road how is offense of unit going to potentially hang together yeah it's an interesting question i mean it's defined digs would be a guy you'd point to adam feeling has been taking care of caldas under contract for a few years i you know they just got riley recent mike remers they drafted pat l flying so i think all that's really good i think he'd look at stefan digs maybe potentially as one guy that you could consider then on on defense the core is really young and ascending so you're going to have defensive end demille hunter linebackers eric hendrickson anthony barr corner trae wayne and those are all maims i think they've looked at now the vikings will have the fifth year option on on the first round picks in that group anthony barr and trae wayne's and then of course you always have the franchise tag as a mechanism to retain a guy for another year or two but you know like i said earlier i think that the vikings have been so cap responsible and so so proactive with the cap that i think they're going to do a good job of spreading out some of the big numbers so they can absorb them you tear and keep the core intact that just don't see with with the tone and the language that mike zimmer and rick spielman used at the combine where rick said i never view a team as being one player away and zimmer said we've won forty games and four years because we have a good team not because we have one good player with them talking like that it just gives me the sense that they are very conscious of the team and keeping the team intact.

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