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Within about the 1st 2nd or two of that snap, I mean It's tough for any type offense. Get going with Danny, Bhutan as he has the ball in shock. I'm looking to roll left looking for any receiver. As he hit it out. Left. Looking to get a handful of yards is a group of packers take him down to the ground. Hey, could have got out of bounds too. And he didn't Carlson. Yeah, you try to make something happen, maybe shouldn't get out of bounds there. But you can't blame him for fighting for Cbre's another's only a minute seven to go. Campell yards back right there as he's looking to roll out, Danny Bataan rolling all right, and tries to hit Karlsson once again in that flat area, But just older through him, and with under a minute left 57 seconds to go. The clock stops once again. Bye. It's looking very dismal for the Spartans right now, With the pressure that's coming from the West Fargo Packers. Well, 3rd and 13. They're rolling out Boutin every plane now just to buy him an extra half a second. That's about all you can do. They're just not able to stand up on the interior. That offensive line right now, So I'm gonna have to try something I don't if you could do some kind of throwback screen or some kind of reverse, possibly To get the defense going one way or the other. But again, you're only in game number one. You probably aren't that deep in your playbook. As routine as it in shock. One receiver left to right, rolling out right looking to find any opening decides to run. It himself breaks a tackle breaks the second one and taken down by two Packers after a gain of a handful right there give about 67 yards right there on the gang, and the Spartans immediately called for time out as it will be. On the fourth down in about five yards right there for a really nice running play that time by Danny Butane look like a gain of They're going to call it Ah, forth and about five and he was about four. So we'll give him about a nine yard gain on that one. That kid's a warrior man, and he'll sleep well. Tonight. He has been Carrying the ball. Aton has made some good throws to Danny Butane is a guy you can win with. They're just gonna have to get a little more blocking here and fourth and five. You've got to get the first down to stop the clock. Get yourself reset. Then you may be of time for five or six plays. I'm gonna have to throw a little bit. Take some chances, but you got a shot, and that's all you can hope for. Because ah couple of minutes ago look like West Fargo could get a first down assault away the game as its fourth and five from their own 41. The Spartans are needing at least five to keep the game going. And about 59 in total to end up tying up the ball game. But do not forget to stay tuned for our post game show Satellite Solutions postgame show along with the CIA peril player of the game because, depending on how this drive ends up here, it could sway who ends up winning. And the player of the game is all depending on what happens right here with this play. Ball game right here with Danny Blue Team two receivers out right with a tight and moving from left to right and shotgun with a running back behind them rolling out looking deep past looking up, and he's got it or it'll go in deep and he's inside the 20 yard line off the Packers. As brittle over two defenders, not a big kid. He's about 6 Ft. 1 75, and he was able to haul it in and keep the Spartans hope alive. It'll go a za 45 yard.

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