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I'm Matt Reese breaking now It'll put more money and a lot of people's pockets. Maybe even yours. The House is one step closer to passing another coronavirus relief bill Within two weeks it past a Senate approved budget resolution today, a key step for Congress to approve President Biden's plan without Republican support. President Biden says he'd like unity with Republicans on his American rescue plan is spokesperson Jen Psaki says polls show Americans can't wait. They want these checks to get into communities. They want this funding to go to schools. They want more money for vaccine distribution, the president unwilling to cut money from relief checks, and state and local governments, reeling from their pandemic tax losses. Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington Checking the roads. Friday afternoon, the latest traffic and weather together from the U. C. Health traffic Center. You see health cardiology provides the region's most advanced heart care program. Visit you see health dot com slash heart for details. Accident has been cleared east to 75 at Montgomery Road traffic much better in that area. There is an accident downtown plum and seventh and the traffic lights around a glen Way and blend more. North 75 slow between the Norwood Lateral and Towne Street South found heavy through Lachlan and between Mitchell and 74. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 WLW. Now ladies forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw. Snow showers are possible otherwise clouds a lower 21 Tomorrow, a few clouds early than sunshine. A high of 34 at night a chance of snow late and low down to 19. We could see a dusting by Sunday morning. Watch the roads Otherwise partly cloudy in 27. I'm chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh. From your severe weather station news radio 700 wlw Radar's clear A few flurries here and there and 34 degrees is our temperature. The city of Cincinnati routinely shuts down the Western Hills viaduct for maintenance work That's going to happen again Much of the day tomorrow. They will close the bottom deck from 6 A.m. to three PM for inspections and maintenance, like sweeping and cleaning out drains. Ramp from 75 south to the virus also going to be closed as well. A short stretch of Spring Grove Avenue, but the top deck of.

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